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Martina Dove
Psychology researcher, shiny objects collector, cat worshiper, great lover of The Smiths, Frida Kahlo, Wes Anderson and Nutella
Psychology researcher, shiny objects collector, cat worshiper, great lover of The Smiths, Frida Kahlo, Wes Anderson and Nutella

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Why can't we believe that old people can be scammers?
Couple of days ago I came across an interesting Facebook
post ( link here ).   Sorry it is not in
English, the story is actually from Croatia but here it goes. A nice lady saw an old grandma begging in front of the
supermarket and was so taken by that harro...

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Is PayPal really offering any seller protection?

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Damned if you do, damned if you don't
I don't know about you but I stared hating eBay.  So much to be wary of these days with scammers jumping at you at every corner yet it feels as if there is not much help out there for sellers if a buyer is a scammer.  Recently I refused to send an item to s...

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Understanding psychology of phishing
Everyone gets phishing emails. For scammers, it is probably the most cost effective way of scamming people. Sometimes phish emails are relatively harmless, but often they can be extremely harmful and trick you into parting with you personal passwords, log i...

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Do scams really happen only to 'some' people?
Once upon a time it was a common belief that scams only ensnare gullible and greedy people, and if you were neither, than you were safe.  And maybe this was true but it no longer holds.  Let me explain why.  Scams used to cost money to execute many years ag...

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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link
Most scam advice one can find on the Internet usually contains information about a very specific scam going around snaring people.   But the problem with scams is that scammers are always a step ahead of any information one can find.  However scams that are...

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Always, always look a gift horse in the mouth
Do you love your giveaways?  Social media are full of them;
free iPads, iPhones, free holidays, free first class travel for a year with
British Airways, Virgin flights, BMWs and so on.  All you have to do is like a
page and share their post. Harmless enough...

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Saying 'No' can save your life
Do you have difficulty saying no to people?  Especially if they are assertive and forceful?  You are not alone.  I will explain how scammers exploit our inability to say no in more ways than one.  Some people have difficulty saying firm 'NO' to people that ...

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Why 'limit' a good thing? Limited and one time offers explained
Have you ever found yourself enticed by a limited or one time offer?  This is a persuasion technique that salesmen often use to entice us to buy stuff we really could do with not buying but I will explain how this also works for scammers. One time or limite...

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I am currently recruiting participants for my scam research study.  If you have spare 15 minutes, please consider filling in my questionnaire. Your responses are extremely valuable and will go towards perfecting personal scam susceptibility questionnaire ( ...
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