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adrienne everitt
cute and flighty, a mum, a fan and a mental illness survivor, with cat DNA (X5)
cute and flighty, a mum, a fan and a mental illness survivor, with cat DNA (X5)


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this is so important, i suggest everyone read it.

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It's official. No more #Constantine on NBC. Warner Brothers is trying to find the show a new home so there's still a sliver of hope.

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i love GRIMM.  

love love love GRIMM, in a way i never loved Supernatural, i mean, i do love Supernatural, but for the past couple seasons, i can go weeks without an episode and not really care.

GRIMM i have to watch, i have to, or i feel off.

And the whole monrosalee thing, i mean, come on!

i think, as much as Supernatural is an awesome show, and as much as i love Misha, J2 etc etc the constant road trip wears me down.

i love the roots and relationships in GRIMM.  
Hold on to your hats, Grimmsters! Biestmode is in full effect this Friday at 8/7c on +NBC

i am sick of seeing posts that vilify everyone and everything for being 'problematic' in some way.  Now it's Say Anything that is a problem.  Hollywood's critics would like you to believe that anyone that is persistent and that stands by you is a stalker.  Lloyd Dobber was not a stalker, he was a teenage boy, who did not know how to show solidarity to the girl he loved during a crisis.

NOT many teenage boys WOULD know how to show support and solidarity to a girl who's world was collapsing.  Get over yourself people, NOT everything is sinister, sometimes it's just a story.

he flipside to this, speaking as someone who suffers debilitating depression and crushing anxiety that causes me to withdraw completely from everything, people being persistent and not giving up on our relationships is the only reason i have friends, because if they took off when i closed them out, i would have no one left. 

I think that there is a danger in taking all of these 'concerns' too seriously and vilifying everyone for being 'stalkerish' when sometimes they are just trying to show that they care and that they are not giving up on you.

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What great news!
The Bazaar of the Bizarre is in the top 10 shows in TO for spring. How exciting.

Sometimes when you don't know what to do about a loved one's mental illness, it is easier to not comment, or just pretend it is not really there.

The problem with this is that it makes your loved one feel even MORE isolated, frustrated and alone, it makes them feel like they are not being heard, or that you are not taking them seriously.

So maybe you don't have advice, maybe you don\t have an answer, but telling them that you hear what they are saying, that you WANT to understand, that you ARE listening goes a LONG way.

Silence is not helpful
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