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Facebook is Evil
Traditional news outlets (newspapers, TV news, radio news) were dedicated to reporting the "truth".  While it can be argued that some sources slant their coverage one way or another, most western media try to be honest in their reporting.  This honesty has ...

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Canada's Best Savings Account Interest Rate?
I was frustrated with the abysmal savings account interest rate in Canada: 0.1% to 0.50% at major banks.  In the USA, you can get 1%+ at Capital One Bank or Allied Bank. Finally, I found a proper bank (CDIC insured) that pays almost 2% interest and charges ...

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Americans' Gun Obsession
As a Canadian returning from 20 years in the USA, I am often asked why Americans have an obsession with guns.  About one in two Americans have guns, and the death statistics for guns are eye-popping. I am no expert, but I have some opinions on why most Amer...

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A Rational Approach to Climate Change
Manmade climate change has become a political football in the USA with proponents on the left wing and opponents on the right.  After dividing the country in two, the debate is turned into a winner-take-all game instead of a scientific rational approach. Le...

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British Soldiers on the Beach at Dunkirk Waiting to Evacuate We went to see the movie "Dunkirk" which was very good.  Pretty true to history, graphically shows the horror of war and the different sides of the human spirit, and just the right amount of patri...

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Why Do Canadians Buy Canadian Mutual Funds?
Now that I am back in Canada, I see more Canadian financial information.  After looking for a Canadian stock index mutual fund, I thought, "why do Canadians buy Canadian mutual funds??" . I searched for "series D" Canadian equity mutual funds, and the minim...

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DJI Phantom 3 Versus Custom Built Camera Drone
Anyone reading this blog (does anyone read this blog?) would know that I have built quite a few camera drones - SK450, SK450 Deadcat, S500, S500 Hexacopter.  Most of them used commercial frames, APM or Pixhawk controller, and Gopro or similar cameras.  They...

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Canadian Customer Service Compared to U.S. Customer Service
You would think customer service would be identical north and south of the border, but it's not.  There is one fundamental difference that I run into constantly. In the USA, if you the customer have a problem and common sense indicates that the store bends ...

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Another Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo - Monaco Some of my readers, well, at least one, are interested in Monte Carlo tools to evaluate retirement savings. I will not bore you with the details of Monte Carlo simulation, it is covered in a previous blog post here .  It basically gives...

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Avoid CAD to USD Ripoffs
You can lose a lot of money converting Canadian dollars (CAD) to US dollars (USD).  This is not a big deal when you are converting $200 so you can buy that camouflage recliner at the Walmart in Buffalo.  It can be thousands of dollars if you are sending $20...
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