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Lies. Lies. Lies. These people cost my girlfriend her best friend.

My girlfriend was going to be a maid of honor in a wedding late July and she chose to get her dress from this establishment months in advance. We went to go pick up the dress early this week (early June) and that's where things started to turn sketch.

As it turns out the dress that was ordered was ordered a few sizes too small, which WAS our fault. The establishment ordered the dress to my girlfriends specifications at the time and things just didn't work out with regards to sizing. However, when we arrived at the establishment the owner and her employee both had no idea where the dress was. My girlfriend tried on several dresses including one identical in size and style while they went to go try and find the exact dress we ordered. After the two of them searching for an hour they both came back empty handed.

My girlfriend was fairly confident that she would be able to fit into the dress by the time the wedding rolled around. To be safe we confirmed with the owner multiple times the dress could be altered if need be and that it would be relatively non time-consuming. Certainly something that could be done in under 6-7 weeks which was the deadline. We considered this as an option and accepted that the establishment was in possession of the dress but that it was temporarily misplaced. It was agreed that the owner would find the dress by the next day and drop it off at our apartment. When we attempted to pay her in advance she would not accept our money and said she would collect payment when she dropped off the dress.

All the while this was going on the solution she seemed REALLY intent on offering was to re-order the dress in a different size. According to her this would have been the cheapest and fastest alternative. When we asked about rushing fees she ambiguously said that she would "take care of us." So...

Option A: Take the dress as it was and have it altered once it was found. Establishment, on the grounds of cost and convenience, attempted to steer us towards ordering a different dress. Not on the grounds of possible or not possible (it was well established that alterations WOULD be possible.)

Option B: Order a new dress in a different size. According to them this was the best solution.

We chose option A. We did have suspicions based on how they were acting at this point that they had lost the dress or that it was never ordered but we chose not to voice them. Instead we chose to give the shop the benefit of the doubt.

Some time goes by. The dress is never delivered as was promised. Finally we call and THEY HAVE IT! :D Well... they say they found it. But now they very strongly advise against picking it up and having it altered. They insist we order a new one because the old one is too small to be altered. Except when we were there they said it wasn't. Remember, she tried on an identical dress and they were very confident alterations could be done. Things are left at a stand still and some time goes by.

Then I call personally and say I'm leaving right now to come and pick up the dress. The owner sounds panicked and says "We can order the dress right now and have it rushed and it will be there in a couple weeks and only cost $30 more." We're POSITIVE at this point that they lost the dress and are now covering for the loss. Their actions are shady but not outright evil at this point. We say FINE! Order the dress. The old one is off the table. We want the new dress. We tell her to order it. It's done and it'll be ready with time to spare. Perfect.


This whole time the establishment was in contact with the bride and the brides family. Here's where they turn from shady business people to just awful, evil people.

Rather than telling the bride that the new dress had been ordered and a solution had been reached, they informed her that no effort had been made on my girlfriends part to resolve the situation. They said that she had refused to re-order the dress and was not cooperating. They also said the dress they HAD ordered was unwearable and could not be altered.

My girlfriends best friend, the bride, was infuriated at this point. When my girlfriend tried to explain to the bride that she had INDEED ordered a new dress the bride chose to believe the establishment over my girlfriend. The owner of the store was contacted and asked to resolve this confusion three times. She assured my girlfriend and I that there must have been a miscommunication and that she would call the bride right away. However, each time the bride was contacted the owner would only lie further and further to cover their own butt for losing the dress.

The owner presented to us what seemed like a very reasonable and fair solution that would work out for everyone. It was all very optimistic.

The owner lied to the bride and said we never even ordered the dress.

All in all this resulted in a falling out between my girlfriend and her best friend. The owner told two different stories to two different parties and acted like they were the victims throughout the whole ordeal. It was our word against the owners and my girlfriends friend chose to take the word of the owner. What could we do?

I called back with a third party (another bridesmaid who was privy to BOTH sides of the story) on three way and asked the owner to try and explain how this miscommunication might have happened. I asked "We DID say we wanted to reorder the dress right? Why did the bride get the impression that we didn't?" She dodged the question and tried to rush me off the phone. Eventually I coaxed it out of her and she confirmed everything that had transpired between us in front of this other person. When I cornered her into having to admit that the only way a misunderstanding like this could have occurred was through her own actions she became very angry and belligerent. She insulted me and hung up.

The other bridesmaid then explained to the bride what had transpired, how this woman had been caught in many lies and when cornered tried to bite and scratch her way out. Too bad by then the damage had already been done and their friendship was broken beyond repair. I can't speak too much on my assessment of the quality of the friendship to begin with but there it is...

Final note...

I called back the owner just to give closure to the situation. I told her there was someone else listening in on the conversation. She didn't believe me. Insulted me some more. Said the bride was going to call her back later in the day (the bride at this point told us she washed her hands of the situation and wanted nothing more to do with it. So there's another lie.) I told her I was going to write this review and tell as many people as I could but she said I was only one person and that people don't pay attention to reviews like these anyway.

So here I am telling you. Get your dress or tuxedo somewhere else. Anywhere else. These people are vipers and they would rather ruin a friendship and a wedding than admit their mistake.
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