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Some Gd'A... and a Battle!
Been spending quite a bit of my free time reading and playing the new set of rules - by General de Brigade author, David Brown, Genera l d'Armee . So far I am quite happy with them. They provide a nice level of tactical detail , while still allowing for a l...

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9. Panzer
Elements of the 9. Panzer advance - 1944.

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A Short Primer on 'Figure Scale'
              A set of rules often states a few different scales. For instance,
there may be a stated time scale , and/or a
ground scale, as well as a figure scale. Many sets of rules are vague on these various
scales and simply leave it to the players them...

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"Reload the Cannon!"
     Well, that was certainly a wild ride! 2016 is almost gone – imagine that. I have to
admit, I certainly had some amazing battle, painted up some glorious
miniatures, and read through quite a few rulebooks. Remember all those?! One of many Blucher games ...

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Defense in Depth - Testing L'Art de la Guerre
       So, how effective was Roman deployment in multiple lines anyway? Or, more specifically, how well does deploying in depth work using the L'Art de la Guerre rules? Both armies are deployed! The Romans have a very narrow front, depending on their cavalr...

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Rome v. Gaul: L'Art Action Online!
       Last week I saw myself fully engaged in running a fantastic game of L'Art de la Guerre for some of the members of the TtC community. This was basically a two player game, although several different players took command as the battle raged. I myself a...

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Narrative and Team Yankee
One thing I really enjoy about Flames of War is how dependent on the narrative of WW II history it is. To be honest, the narrative is what it's all about for me - as far as playing a game anyway. I crave a good back story and purpose to my battles. Having t...

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Team Yankee!
Finally took the bait and tried a game of Team Yankee ! Wow! What a fun game with a really interesting background. I have been thinking about having a go with these rules for some time - if for anything, to see how well the rules have been adapted. I really...
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