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Brown Paper Bag vs Scuba Gear
I’m sitting on the couch reading the paper, yes I still read
the actual Sunday paper, and there’s a loud commotion
outside. I stand up and look out the window.   Two grown men are yelling at each other in
the park across the street - one is dressed in full ...

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Jif-fi-de-do da, Jiff-fe-de-day, My Oh My What A Frito-ful Day!!
You may ask - why are there ten jars of JIF peanut butter lined up on the table? Well, it seems to be because I am loved.  Nice thing to be loved... At Christmas I put out a plea in an email to all our friends, that if they ever came to visit - please, plea...

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Creepy Crawlies
Just a continuation on my arachnid thoughts the other day... I 'killed' a spider that was in my bra on Christmas day (before I put it on thank goodness)- the body broke
in two and one half ran one way and the other half ran the other way...
persistent fuc...

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Tennis Anyone?
Last Monday the husband and I went to the Australian Open – this
has now been our second visit.   Last week
we went on a Tuesday evening, key word – evening.   We thought it was interesting, so we went
again. You know what Australia is in January at 11:00AM...

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What Do You Baste Your Turkey With?
  We are watching TV, it’s the holiday time and a commercial
comes on.   Not your normal holiday
commercial peddling toys or electronics, this was something entirely different. Everyone is at the dinner table having Christmas dinner and
Aunt Edna pulls out ...

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How Ya Going?
Well I’m doing fine.   No wait, you didn’t ask me how I was doing.    Going? Good, I’m um good?   System all cleared out with that coffee this morning – certainly you don’t
want to know that though- do you?? Actually – I am going to the grocery store later,...

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Welcome to Australia
Hello everyone!!!  I know, I know it’s been ages, since the time that we last
met.  WE MOVED – across the world – to Australia.   Ah, moving 10,000 miles across the ocean to
the other side of the planet – not for the faint of heart.   Shout out to all those...

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Toilet Training
Hi folks, sorry I’ve been away – it’s nothing personal – I have
just been very, very busy.   That’s
probably not going to stop anytime soon (we are changing continents) but I am
hoping to post once a week – I have such a backlog of photos to share with

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Dining What?
OK, this is a section in a little news paper that comes out
monthly in our area.   It’s a good little
news paper – with local interest stories, school successes and then some stuff
that is from another distant community that never makes sense is in there – ...

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Should we post her picture on a milk carton?
You may be thinking, oh my God – where did she go?   Has she been hiding under a rock?     Basically yes.   See, I’m working now and it’s been busy.   Also it has been rolling up to the end of
good days outside – which officially is today.   Tonight we have...
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