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I thought I'd highlight that starting this Saturday you'll have a unique opportunity: to purchase original origami art pieces folded by their designers - and all for a good cause!

Each day, a different model folded by its creator will be available on eBay in an auction lasting 3 days. The highest bidder will then get that unique, folded piece, and support a good cause with the money paid for it. That's because these auctions are part of the "Spring 2012 Origami Caravan Auction". All funds raised will support the "Origami Caravan" project, which was started by Makoto Yamaguchi to benefit the children affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

You can read more on it at - a list of models up for grabs (including photos) is available at

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The auction items and schedule for the Spring 2012 auction are: Prayer (DINH) - auction begins: 5 May 2012 Swan (HOANG) - auction begins: 6 May 2012 Ganesh on His Throne (ENGEL) - auction begins: 7......
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