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Rod Barnhart (Wintermute)
An incredibly hoopy frood.
An incredibly hoopy frood.

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No way to simply change sharing options, so, here it is as a public share ;)
OK people! Listen up! Before you bother asking, no, I will NOT remove your LGPedia entry, and there are multiple reasons: I do not run the official version of LGpedia, but simply an unofficial mirror of it. Miles Beckett keeps promising to put the…

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New book on my favorite 8-bit computer
There's a new book out on my favorite 8-bit computer, called CoCo: The Colorful History of Tandy's Underdog Computer [affiliate link]. It's definitely going on my wish list ;)

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The Headless Motorcyclist Of Elmore, Ohio
As Told by Chris Woodyard, and countless others who have e-mailed this particular tale to me. This has to be one of the most popular tales in the entire state. I have been bombarded by individuals telling or asking about this particular tale. (And the Gore ...

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Color Computer BBS attempt
From my original CoCo page (some links are likely broken atm): Hi, welcome to my hastily assembled CoCo page. The sidebar may contain some items of interest, such as the CoCo Serial # Database , ADOS, and files used in my CoCo telnet BBS project. For a prog...

I am working on resurrecting WP-United, which intedgrates WordPress and phpBB. When I'm done, it will be available at

I wonder how CassieIsWatching would have turned out if we had Google Hangouts back then. Probably the same; that last anagram really killed us.
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