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You gotta do it yourself and you can't do it alone.
You gotta do it yourself and you can't do it alone.


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I've just setup a new #Asana account with the #GoogleApps Education domain associated with it. Just makes it a whole lot easier re: collaboration. 
My challenge is the #workspace previously created to support this effort still has a lot of projects, section headings and  tasks.
Has anyone put together a good process, with as few manual steps as possible, to #migrate everything over to the new account?

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Get my highest recommendation!

I've been using the "Sync with Calendar" quite a bit and it really helps start my day out with those tasks I need to focus on that day.

However, as it not a two way sync (a feature request I wish Asana  would implement ASAP e.g. GQueues does this very well), I'm not able to relabel the task so I can reorganize the list by task title (or date but that's another issue) from GCal.

Here's my workaround, from within Asana:
As Google lists "All Day" tasks by alpha-numeric Title, I've use the following code for some time to reorg by priority (i.e. those tasks I should do 1st on my list):
A01., A02., A03., B01., B02., B03., C01., ...
From within Asana, when I review all tasks assigned to me within a workspace, I now prefix those task titles with this code. i.e.:
A01. Post Task "Priority" tip and trick to Asana G+
(yes I really did add this task during my nightly review last night :-)
A02. text1234
B03. text5678
A01. text8910
C02. text1112
Now, with the projects set to sync from GCal, when I start my day I see a list of All Day tasks that looks something like this:

A01. Post Task "Priority" tip and trick to Asana G+
A01. text8910
A02. text1234
B03. text5678
C02. text1112
Now, I just quickly scan my GCal list and start knocking off tasks beginning at the top of the list.

If I need to re-prioritize, I click the link from within the GCal "event", and fromAsana modify the priority "prefix" code. If I need to change the date to a different day, I do that from within Asana too.

Ergo, for efficiency, and process flow, I'd prefer 2 way sync so, as I'm reviewing my tasks for the day from within GCal, I can make changes from within GCal  ;-) It is what it is, at least for now ;-)

Hope the above is of help to some of you who've also had a need to not just list but also prioritize tasks.

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To my G+ circles, I've been using Yesware recently and loving it. It's a great email service for salespeople and entrepreneurs or just to let you know if that friend, family member,  "ex" or challenging "business partner" you emailed that important communique has even opened it yet! 

You can use Yesware for free by clicking this link (and I'll get some more free trackings :-):

I hope it helps you, too!

Moving a project to another workspace?

Am I just missing something or is it not possible to copy a project and it's tasks to another workspace? For example, a lot of my projects created are re-usable for different workspaces yet I can't seem to find a way to copy and move them to a workspace other than where I created them.

If I haven't had a brain fart, and this is the case, can anyone recommend an easy way to do this? 

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The flexibility of Asana helps with all I have to do in some great ways, especially for a lot of my personal daily chores. For example, in combination with Asana's mobile app I use it when I go grocery shopping and need stuff from the pharmacy.

The link goes to a public version of my checklist. In the description field, there's a detailed explanation of how I use it with priority headings to help organize. In summary:

Each time you go grocery shopping, make a copy of this list, uncheck what you need and record what you've purchased. Add comments as appropriate (i.e. brand preference, liked, yuck don't buy again, etc). 

Hope it's of help to some of you.

One of the great things about #tags is how you can leverage filtering.
Let's face it, the biggest challenge of any task management system is eventually you get overwhelmed by the very thing it's suppose to facilitate ... TASKS!

One of  the many things I love about Asana is how you can use tags for  GTD "context" methodology. 

For example, think of all those "little" things you need to get done each day yet, at the end of the day, few were completed because they got  lost in all the "noise" of the day.

How many times do you find yourself in between meetings, conference call, waiting on a client, need a break from your "big" project, etc. and find yourself with 15 minutes free to do "whatever". Yet suddenly wondering what you can or should knock out in this period of time.

In Asana, here's what I do:
I have a list of "context" tags that are time specific.

<3m, <5m, <15m, <30m, <60m, <90m, <180m, >1D, >3D, >1W

OK, some of you may think I've gone a bit overboard on the use of  tags, especially with the Day Week ones, for what's estimated to complete concrete, singular tasks. They're included to reflect how time "context" tags can be used in projects and tasks with sub-tasks when planning out one's week. Sorry, I digress ;-)

What is great is when I have some unexpected "slack" time, say 15 minutes, I just click on the <15m tag and quickly pick from the list and knock of one of those pesky little tasks I've been meaning or need to  get done today.

At the end of the day I rarely say to myself "Damn, I didn't get any of those little, yet important/urgent, things done today!"

Hope this #tip is of help to some of you.

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