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Romansah Koeswandy, CH, CHt, S Kom
Android & Web Developer, Java Programmer, Entrepreneur, Hypnotherapist, Buddha Follower
Android & Web Developer, Java Programmer, Entrepreneur, Hypnotherapist, Buddha Follower


All is Well.
For all that has happened.
Thank You.

For all that will happen.

Advice from Spiritual Huge Master, Ajahn Brahm
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SOPA is an attempt to censor the Internet, and endangers your business and your livelihood! Register your opposition by tweeting with #SOPASTRIKE, updating your Facebook status, or contacting your local representative
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I support the January 18th Wikipedia blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA. Show your support here
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Call it the new New Age. Fifteen years after Steve Jobs first extolled the beauty of a beginner's ability to think without preconceptions, the business world is more enamored than ever with ancient Eastern principles. As this L.A. conference helps attendees find inner peace, five business leaders share how they're bringing mindfulness -- sati in Buddhist terms -- back to the workplace.Illustration by Patrick Hruby

Eric Schiermeyer
Cofounder, ZyngaEmployees of the social-gaming developer might get poked. Schiermeyer hires acupuncturists to spend three days a week at the company's San Francisco headquarters to help his staff ward off illness and be more emotionally balanced. "If you treat your employee like an Olympic athlete," he says, "he will provide extraordinary value."

Chade-Meng Tan
Jolly Good Fellow, GoogleTo develop emotional intelligence in the office, Tan, the tech giant's jolly good fellow (yes, that's his real title), recommends building a foundation of self-awareness by meditating all day long. "With every step, be aware; synchronize your movement with your breath," says the longtime Buddhist. "You can do it even when you go to the restroom."

Marianne Manilov
Cofounder, the Engage NetworkA good serenade can cure all bad moods, according to this marketing firm. To pull Manilov out of a funk, her staff surprised her with a flash-mob-style rendition of Paul McCartney's "Silly Love Songs." The method -- Love Song Sneak Attack -- is now a common stress reliever in the office. "When things suck," says Manilov, "we use games to bring us back to a sense of lightness."
Pat Christen

CEO, HopeLabTime management is so 10 years ago. As the leader of this California not-for-profit, which develops technology to help kids with chronic illnesses, Christen is more interested in energy management to optimize her staff's physical and spiritual states. HOGS, the Health and Other Good Stuff program, provides healthy refreshments at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. -- times when people are most likely to reach for coffee.

Kevin Rose
Founder, MilkRose makes sure his employees take time to smell the flowers. The founder of this app-development firm (and former Digg CEO) has a special expense account that lets each employee buy $50 worth of blooms a month. "It's about realizing that beyond our world of writing code, there's a real world."
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Buku ini menceritakan bagaimana cara seorang Donald J. Trump yaitu salah satu orang terkaya di Amerika melakukan negosiasi dengan para pesaingnya untuk mendapatkan apa yang dia inginkan , seperti pembelian gedung kasino, real estate, dan tempat-tempat hiburan.

11 Elemen bernegosiasi :
1. Berpikir Positif
2. Lindungi yang dibawah dan diatas akan berjalan secara otomatis
3. Maksimalkan Pilihan Anda
4. Kenali Pangsa Pasar
5. Gunakan Laverage Anda
6. Tingkatkan Kualitas Lokasi Anda
7. Sebarkan Beritanya
8. Lawan Kembali
9. Berikan yang Terbaik
10. Perhatikan Biaya
11. Bersenang-senanglah

Saya mendapatkan insight di poin ke delapan.
"Menurut Trump dibukunya ada kalanya satu-satunya adalah konfrontasi. Donald mengatakan dia akan sangat baik kepada orang yang baik kepadanya tetapi jika ada orang yang memperlakukannya dengan buruk, tidak adil, dan mengambil keuntungan dari dia maka secara alamiah Donald akan melawan kembali dengan keras dengan membuat lawannya menjadi lebih buruk lagi. "

Thanks Donald Trump.
I like your story and share in your book
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