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SquaredCircle Jerks Podcast originally shared:
SquaredCircle Jerks Episode 3 is now available for your listening pleasure. Remember, sharing is caring.
James Storm with a promo. Hardy out to respond. Ultimate Heel Bobby Roode comes out too. Sting comes out to join the party. Announces Drug Addict vs. Alcoholic for #1 Contendership. Angelina Love chal...
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Paul Couture

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Wow lots of room!
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Paul Couture

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Well, that explains it...
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Paul Couture

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It sure would be nice if people thought outside the box once in a while instead of making knee jerk assumptions of the reasons other individuals hold their opinions.
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Also - awesome and powerful use of typography.
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Paul Couture

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Paul Couture

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Made a new standing desk (since I'm at the machine(s) all day every day) - yes, I need to finish the cable management but I wanted to wait until I'm completely happy with placement of everything.

Not too shabby. Less than $250 for the new desk (much better than the $600-1,100 I found searching for a made to order one.) Here's what I did to make the desk:

We took 5 Ikea Byske Legs ($30 x 5 , $150), 4 Capita Brackets (2 packs @ $20, $40), a reclaimed 80" x 32" x 1.75" slab door (Free), and a 75" x 11" x 1.5" pine board ($12.50), lots of elbow grease sanding, some wood putty, then the patience of a saint with a steady hand to add the opaque poly/stain in black (~$20 for sandpaper, gloves, dust mask, putty, and stain & brushes at Home Depot)

So for a grand total of ~$225 with tax (give or take a few bucks,) I've got an adjustable standing desk that's got room for all my machines, leaves room for my drawing tablet, accessories, room to write etc. I'm 5' 10" so I set it at 42" from table top to ground, the shelf is 50" from top of shelf to ground.

Now, I just have to get used to standing - and find a decent barstool for the times when I want to get off my feet.

Hopefully this will make me more productive, I know it will help not having to go out every 6-8 hours and steel wooling and adding a coat of poly to the thing.

What do you think?
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Paul Couture

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Looks great! Hope it works like you hope. Great job! love ya
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Paul Couture

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Why don't you they just call it the Free Kittens and Poor Children Protection Act and be done with it. Also, since when does every piece of horrid, unconstitutional legislation need a catchy name/acronym.

Congressional Undermining New Technological Systems act sounds like a good name.

Orwell was a prophet.

Donate to the EFF people. Stop counting on luddites to protect your tubes.
As was unfortunately expected, the House version of PROTECT IP has been released (embedded below) and it's ridiculously bad. Despite promises from Rep. Goodlatte, there has been no serious effort to ...
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Paul Couture

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"I told my wife, two can eat just as cheaply as one, as long as you don't eat."
I'm a PHP geek that came out of the design world into development. I focus mainly on Drupal Development and am based in Southern, Illinois.

When I'm not in front of a computer screen, odds are I'm sleeping so I have enough rest to return to the glow of the monitors - or I'm visiting friends and family, playing with our dogs, or spending some time with my lovely wife that puts up with my workaholic nature.
  • Bradley Central High School
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