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audiovisual, AV, VJs, audiovisual artists, visuals, music, electronica
audiovisual, AV, VJs, audiovisual artists, visuals, music, electronica

Michael Denton and Anna McCrickard formed Overlap in 1999 as a platform for music, electronic art and music industry, festival and gallery activities including single screen videos,VJing, audiovisual performances and installations. Overlap have developed a style outside film, TV and video art - a way of abstracting and combining imagery that has a musical or painterly logic rather than a narrative based or conceptual one. A visual take on serialism - wallpaper with conceits.

Overlap's music is created alongside the imagery, each informing the other, recent works explore the relationship  between still and moving imagery through systems of implied motion, use of discreet picture planes and obscuration techniques. The view is in movie time but limited to flat photographic space, through a perceptual keyhole more akin to memories and dreams.

In their live performances Overlap create a mesmeric dance of shapes, lights and abstract imagery containing recycled and re-composited imagery from old books and forgotten film. Re-mixed fragments of history are given space to trigger the imagination.
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