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Leigh-Ann Jacoby

Ain't nothing like being locked out when you have to pee.... Then driving to the next town, breaking an entering then being able to get in the house.... Goodnight world. Glad the first ending was better!!!!
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That time of year again!!!! :) get your orders in!!!
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Hey cowboy I'm an angel...
There's not much more to say
Or approach at a different angel.
Since I seen you across the bar
You didn't even notice me
In front of you or afar.
You're blue eyes glisten
Something I've been missing
As I sit back and listen
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I'm back! :)
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When you was just a youngin' your looks were so precious
But now your grown up
So fly it's like a blessing but you can't have a man look at you for five seconds
Without you being insecure
You never credit yourself, so when you got older
It's seems like you came back ten times over
Now you're sitting here in this damn corner
Looking through all your thoughts and looking over your shoulders
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Hello all =)
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all of my friends and myself seem to neglect you google+. i am sorry for that.....
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Tonight starts the month of overnights for me... Then ends with a weeks vacation =) sweet! Money money money money! Money!!
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Need my car fixed as fast as possible and am off all day tomorrow.... Any suggestions on where I'm not going to get ripped off?
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I love life! Just keeps getting better and better =)
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