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I've made a new update to the document. Mostly additions and corrections about the creation and the Dawn War, and some creation myths of the half-orcs. Also, I've reorganized the document and put numbers in each page (I forgot that).

BTW, I'm searching for someone who knows about PDF and stuff, to make this document better looking. If someone can give art to make a cover, that would be good as well.
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My new escalation die.

It's a Chessex 50mm.

I'm looking for 3 3rd edition books: Drow of the Underdark, and both Fiendish Codex books.

Anyone looking to part with them?

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Smuggler's Run in The Deeps of Sharn.
Somewhere by David Lecossu

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Drow firebinders defending a sacred Xen'Drik ruin from outlander defilers.

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The renown lightning rail line, the Orien Express.

Not too bad of a variant lightning rail engine.

Session 2 of my 13th Agree Eberron campaign went great.

I got to try doing a montage, and the players loved it. They are loving the malleability of the ruleset.

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Sharing in case anyone else has these, or other questions about Deep Magic for 13th Age.
13th Age; Deep Magic

Greetings authors and community members; I have three mechanics question about the 13th Age version of Deep Magic, and would appreciate assistance in answering them.

The spell Animate Glyphs (pg28) - How many times can the player attack with the summoned Glyphs? It's unclear to me if the player can launch only a single attack from the Glyphs, or if, once activated, they will attack on their own multiple times.

The first option seems too weak, since that means this is a spell with a hard recharge does the same damage as an at will (Eclispe Ray), while the second quite strong (a bonus Eclipse Ray for no action cost every round of the combat).

On a similar vein, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to use the spell Nova, pg 47. What seems to me to be the clearest reading of this spell makes it very, very situational; it would seem to only be useful if you're otherwise going to be skipping attacking every other round (or so). The only real use case where I can see taking this spell would be in conjunction with something like "High Mage's Confabulation" (pg42), which would compound the benefit of skipping an attack. Are there other use cases I'm missing? Am I interpreting the spell wrong?

Finally, I notice that many of the damaging spells slotted at levels 5+ have stats blocks that seem to indicate they could be used at lower level (a 1st level scaled base damage in the Effect block, and then stat blocks for different damage at different levels).

Is this so the spells could be optionally ported down to lower levels, or for a different reason?

Thanks authors, and community.

+Wade Rockett, +ASH LAW

I'm reading The Grande Temple of Jing Pathfinder mega adventure, and I think it could make a great living dungeon.

The Grande Shadow Vault. Where does the Prince of Shadows keep his treasure, and why does he willingly tempt the foolish and the brave with its locations?

So it finally happened this past Saturday. I was finally able to get a 13th Age game started. It was great! I hadn;t GM'd in years, and the players hadn't played a D&D type of game in years also.

So to introduce them to my two favorite things in RPG's, 13th Age and Eberron, was AWESOME. I'm easing them into the rules, especially the Icons, but everything else they loved. Especially the free-form nature of combat, skills, and the OUT.

So here's to my group that consists of a human paladin, a high elf fighter/wizard raised by dwarves, his estranged high elf ranger sister, and the gnome necromancer.

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