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LET it SNOW....LET it SNOW...........LET it SNOW!!!!

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"Now, Lord, not my will, but Yours be done. I do not know what to do. I am at an end of myself, but I will wait until You part the floods or drive back my enemies. I will wait, even if You test me for a while, for my heart is fixed upon You alone, O God, and my spirit waits for You in the deep conviction that You will still be my joy and my salvation, my refuge and my strong tower."

-- Charles H. Spurgeon

"Then rise my soul! and soar away,
Above the thoughtless crowd;
Above the pleasures of the day,
And splendors of the proud;
Up where eternal beauties bloom,
And pleasures all divine;
Where wealth, that never can consume,
And endless glories shine."

-- 'Morning by Morning', Charles H. Spurgeon

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Pure awesome...if they do happen to make a movie out of Portal, I really hope they don't screw it up xD.
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