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Day 1632: Looking Ahead
Out with the old and in with the new, right? That's what they say, about change when we don't necessarily want to change. I'm a creature of habit, no doubt about it, and the past year and a half is a perfect example of that. I'm not particularly fond of new...

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Day 1571: Reading and Writing
While it's been nearly 16 years since I was last in Kindergarten, I can still clearly remember some of my first favorite books. One in particular could probably be better described by my mother, but I remember it because it was one of two books I read const...

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Day 1561: Literary Parents
I was supposed to write this blog post for my Creative Writing seminar a week ago, but then life got in the way and it never happened. I did, on the other hand, think pretty deeply about the answer to the question we used as a prompt - Who are your literary...

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Day 1543: No Rest for the Disney
Apparently I'm only stopping by to write blog posts for my creative writing class because I favor sleep over more writing at the end of the day. Ironically enough, this blog post is distinctly about how we don't  need sleep...sort of.  A few weeks ago we re...

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Day 1529: Reading For Fun
Our prompt this week for Creative Writing Seminar is to write about something we've been reading lately, or have read, outside of class that has either inspired us or put us off. If I was lying, I'd probably go on some rant about how much I enjoyed reading ...

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Dau 1512: A Significant Moment
It's time for another blog post focused on my Creative Writing Seminar, although since I haven't had a chance to write another blog post since the last piece focusing on the class, it's almost as though no time has passed at all. Regardless, this week we've...

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Day 1493: A New Challenge
I write...a lot.  For my wonderful regular readers here at Everyday Disney , this probably isn't much of a surprise anymore. You know quite well how I am capable of rambling on for what feels like days about some Disney-oriented topic that probably didn't r...

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Day 1475: Carrie and Debbie
It's not everyday you see hundreds gather with lightsabers and umbrellas at Disney's Hollywood Studios for a lightsaber and umbrella vigil, and it's even more rare that I'm able to be there to capture it all since I'm only at Walt Disney World for select da...

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Day 1471: Carrie Fisher Tribute
It's only been a couple of weeks since we all lost the wonderful Carrie Fisher and her spectacular mother, Debbie Reynolds, and the wounds are certainly still fresh. This Saturday, however, fans from near and far will be gathering at Hollywood Studios to ce...

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Day 1470: A New Experience
It's not everyday that you get to conduct an orchestra, but that was my day. Despite a snowstorm that has been wrecking havoc in Wisconsin and roads that were less than favorable, I was able to drive about an hour to Sheboygan to conduct the Youth Symphony,...
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