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A Google Docs client app which allows you to modify online Google Docs file with local apps 
A Google Docs client app which allows you to modify online Google Docs file with local apps 

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GDocsDrive 3.0 has been released!  Lots of improvement have been added in the new version.

It has been two months, and the new version of GDocsDrive is still under development. We are really sorry for the delay of the update.
The work for migrating to the new Google Drive API is more than what we have expected. At the same time, there is another product which also need to be taken care of by our team.
We promise to fix the problem of GDocsDrive. However, the new version of GDocsDrive may not be available before September.
If you have purchased GDocsDrive, we are glad to refund your payment. And, no matter a refund is made or not, your license is always valid - it can be used on the new version.

The new version of GDocsDrive is heavily delayed.  Still a couple of weeks needed.  We are really sorry for this delay. Thanks  everyone for your patience.

Google updated its Docs API to the new version and made GDocsDrive stop working . We are fixing this problem, but it may take 2 or 3 week to make everything back to normal.  Sorry for the inconvenience.   

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Our new product just released, please follow, thanks!

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GDocsDrive is on Google Apps Marketplace today!

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GDocsDrive 2.0 introduction video

GDocsDrive will be listed on Google App marketplace soon.

GDocsDrive 2.0 is online now, please download and try it :)

Google has restarted its Google Drive project. Considering the unbelievable cheap price for Google storage, it can easily beat Dropbox or similar kind of services when Google Drive released.
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