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I care about my patients

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Three IVF Cycles With Immature Eggs: PCOS and HCG Trigger?
QUESTION: Dear Dr. Ramirez, I'm 39 years old and have done 3 IVFs (in vitro fertilization cycles). During the
first two IVFs, half of my eggs were immature. I had 25 retrieved (age 37) the
first time, and 16 retrieved (age 38) the next time with 50 percent ...

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Woman With Endometriosis Failed IVF Cycle: Poor Egg Quality? Age Issue? PGS?
Question: I am 38 years old from Los Angeles. I just had a failed IVF
cycle because my six embryos arrested on Day 5 . On Day 3, five were Grade A and
one was Grade B. They were 10, 8 and 6 cell. Doctor blames my age for the
embryos arresting and basically ...

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History of Miscarriages, Now 9 Weeks Pregnant: Continue Progesterone Supplement (Crinone) ?
Question: I'm from the U.S. After a long struggle with secondary
infertility and 2 miscarriages , I am pregnant again, 9 weeks along. I'm on
supplemental progesterone, Crinone 8% once a day . When can I feel okay about
stopping the Crinone? I was supposed t...

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Conceiving After 45: IVF With Your Own Eggs Or Donor Eggs?
Question: Dr
Ramirez, What are
the chances of a 45 year old woman conceiving using IVF with her own eggs?
Would it be worth trying or would you recommend using donor eggs? A. from the
UK Answer: Hello A.
from the UK, There
are always exceptions to the rule,...

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"How In Vitro Fertilization Works" Video from TED-Ed
Dear Readers, I recently found this nicely animated video on In Vitro Fertilization created on the new TED-Ed platform. You might find this a good way to not only inform yourself but also friends and family who might have trouble understanding the fertiliza...

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Upcoming Frozen Embryo Transfer #4: Do I Transfer 1, 2 or 3????
Question: Hello, I have a son via FET. I have now had three cycles of
FET total. The first did not work, the second we got my son, and this last one
worked- however I had a miscarriage at 6.5 weeks pregnant . I now have 4 embryos
left frozen and am starting...

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Recurrent Miscarriages: Is It A Hormonal Issue?
Question: Dear Dr. Ramirez, I am writing from Pennsylvania. In 2006, I had two or three
miscarriages.   After that, I went to a
fertility clinic and had TSH, prolactin, DRVV, and anti-cardiolipin antibodies
tested.   All were normal.   I also had progestero...

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Dear Readers, It has been a while since I last posted to this blog, and to my readers I apologize.  Things have been quite busy, hectic and stressful this year.  As you know, we are still in a recession here in the U.S. (not officially of course) which has ...

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Could I Be Infertile Or Am I Still Recovering From Surgery For Endo?
Question: Hello. I'm a 29 year old female. My husband and I have been
trying to conceive for 7 months now. I had a laparoscopy done in June of 2013, due to an ovarian cyst on my right ovary. As the Dr. was doing the
procedure, she said that the cyst had alr...

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TTC After Surgery For Stage Four Endometriosis
Dear Readers, As the year draws to a close I want to wish all my readers near and far the very best in their lives as you move forward into 2014. I hope that the blessings of health and peace are with you all and for those of you who continue to struggle wi...
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