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Blogger, Publisher, Author of romantic fiction
Blogger, Publisher, Author of romantic fiction

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Must-Have Items for Staying Comfortable During Your Pregnancy With Bonus Tips
By Jenna Brown The excitement of being pregnant and expected your newborn(s) fills you with joy but your body may not be on the same page.  The extra weight from that little bundle of joy could be giving you some discomfort in your back and feet. The emotio...

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Strategies to Beat the Stress of Gift Giving
People often allow one thing or another to steal the joy of gift giving. The stress of hoping they won't hate your gift, fighting through the maze and crowds of the mall, and dealing with high price tags can make us forget what being a cheerful giver ever f...

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6 Relaxation Ideas for a Cozy Night at Home for Couples
By Rose Martin Treasuring a relationship requires a lot resolve. Irrespective of the responsibilities and the busy schedules, it is imperative to keep the spark of love alive. Weekend date nights are the best way to spend quality time together and rev up th...

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Navigating Online Boutiques for Millennial Moms
When it comes to motherhood, finding time for ourselves can be difficult, if not downright impossible. Shopping with children, especially toddlers, is another beast entirely. To young children, the world is their playground – literally. Store shelves become...

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5 Ways to Dress Your Kids Well Without Going Broke
Spending a lot of money on children's clothes while they're still growing is like shoveling snow in a blizzard; they outgrow everything faster than you can replace it. How can you keep your kids looking presentable without spending a fortune on clothes ever...

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Budget Date Night Ideas for Busy Parents
Going on dates each week with your spouse is the best way to stay connected to each other even if you have a busy household full of kids and responsibilities. Having kids running around your house means you’ve got to make an effort to have alone time with y...

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4 Ways Technology Can Save Your Long Distance Relationship
Many couples worry about entering a long distance relationship. Not only will they miss the physical intimacy, but they also wonder if they will be able to stay in contact across thousands of miles and time zones. It’s especially hard when you want to talk ...

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Essential Wedding Preparation for Men - Infographic
It is often the case that ladies are far more excited about, and involved in, wedding planning than their husbands-to-be, but if the groom thinks he can coast through the preparation process, he would be very much mistaken. There are plenty of jobs that the...

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The Immune System: Your Inner Balancing Act
Today we'll explore some of the things we can do with diet, lifestyle and mental attitude to positively support our immune defenses. We can literally eat our way into the first immune system supporter because it's good old fashioned FOOD! Two factors guide ...

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Do You Really Want His Opinion?
By Carmen It was the in the middle of the cereal aisle at the grocery store that I learned one of my first lessons about the respect and humility that love requires, a lesson that has stuck with me ever since. It's a lesson I learned even before my husband ...
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