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Nicely done

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breath of ecstasy
we are the pioneer sinners we invented iniquities  that no one has done before we are poets and authors  we create lives out of our imagination we put the prologue we plot and we predict endings to suit our desires we revive the deads and kill the livings w...

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الطربية  مقدمة تشهد
الساحة الغنائية العربية حالة تردي شديد تزداد سوءا يوما بعد يوم هذه حقيقة يصعب
انكارها, إلا أنه وبالرغم من انتشار الموسيقى السريعة المعروفة بموسيقى البوب التى
تعتير الاكثر رواجا بين الشباب و الأكثر عرضا في محطات الاذاعة و التلفزيو...

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for ever linked to your memory
craving you at dark of night till the day breaks bright till the day we meet again ill always be insane missing you in heat of noon like the desert to monsoon in my heart you'll be the one when every one else is gone your voice will linger still in my heart...

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prayer of dispair...
prayer of dispair... oh my lord almighty as i look down with shame left my head tenderly so i look up with dipair through these dark of clouds as you see me could our eyes met out of reverence i look forward with hope and with faith i'd never look back one ...

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this aura of you kiss
As Im drowning In this aura Of our tryst Pleae Don’t left me up Let me faint Between your arms As you hold me Ill dream of us In your arms The safest place My pupils moves As im dreaming On my lips A tender kiss Would wake me up Dream within dream Its all t...

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sacred secret not any more
Mystery within this quest On every time she left Know your eyes will melt Remember how fast our hearts Every time we met How your spirit flies As you looked in her eyes Marvelous was what we felt Go and win her heart Reap her every dream And try to make it ...

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my heart you took it and left me pain in the shape of a heart pumping sorrow through my veins makes me weak i couldn't speak as you left me you took my brain and left a hollow in the space of my brain that explodes with a scream a silent one when you were g...

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untill the end of days
running the race till the end of days ill remember your face your sweet face to forget you to move on thats a hopless case your memory endures till the end of days haunted by your kiss untill the end od days
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