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Also here's a thought experiment: Could Sandel have become Sandel teaching at Bridgepoint instead of Harvard?

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This has probably already been done. Anyway, I created a Google Map called Simple Living and opened it up to anyone to edit. Drop a pin somewhere and briefly describe how you're ditching excessive consumerism and embracing simplicity.

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100TC back in the day.

Just feeling a twinge of guilt that I'm neglecting G+. That's all I have to say.

If the "heavens declare the glory of God," then they first of all declare there is a Creator. That is Paul's point in Romans. Considering the universe, it is nearly infinitely improbable that it happened ex nihilo. Far more probable and logical and experiential is that it was created ex nihilo. To believe otherwise is not so much a display of intellect as a display of the choice of one's heart.

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My piece wondering if technology is helping or hindering our civic development. (I will note that I heard Romney was mad at Santorum this week for excessive robo-calling. Really? So I'll be talking one-on-one with Romney when he makes his way to CA?)

"A capitalist society required not just capitalist practices among urban elites, but a demographically widespread social acceptance among Christians of the counter-biblical notion that the good life was the goods life."

Brad Gregory, The Unintended Reformation

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Excellent read for those interested in the direction and possibilities of evangelical scholarship.

A difference between naturalism and Christianity. Naturalism asks: Am I useful? Therefore, might I be loved? Christianity asks: Am I loved? Therefore, might I be useful?

One of the three virtues for our times: long-suffering.

We must learn long-suffering again. American-style consumerism agitates dissatisfaction so that we search for contentment in the new. But intimacy is nurtured by long-suffering, which teaches us that contentment is found in those relationships we have allowed to become old.
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