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Scrap Princesses Reviews This Thing
THis is now the g+ where I review things
THis is now the g+ where I review things
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here's another tight little platformer that is short and contained and has some nice little aspects to it

-such as the held position of the pipe after swinging alternates from a high grip to a low grip. Dunno why that's so satisfying but it is

-enemies stay dead after killing, not respawning after you do. Which acts as a reactive difficulty , kinda. Like you eventually get through a level just through attrition

-after completion you get a level select and can try to do no-kill or no-die runs, which definitely ups the challenge

-Just the right amount of length to idea ratio. It's got nothing mind-blowing platform wise, but still some solid little sequences 

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Lichking is an pico-8 extremely short metroidvania-esque game.
The responsiveness of the controls is a little maniac , specifically the acceleration and deceleration but it's manageable and adds a little to the goofiness of it.

You have a mansion to explore, upgrading your weapon, finding keys, and a lot of secrets, all with the goal of eventually stoving the kings head in.

The smallness and openness of the game means even though it has permadeath , it's extremely quick to get back to where you were at , and the amount of secrets means backtracking is often fruitful.

If you got 30 minutes and feel like a tight little exploration hit, go play this game

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this game you are spider , make web, catch bugs, bugs have powers , but you have web , very good game

So Shovel Knight has another expansion, sceptre knight, and while there's a lot to like , holy toilet is the wall climb/jump mechanic the most janky one I've ever encountered . The auto-target air slash is also not the easiest and together it makes the least fun of the 3. It's still got enough ideas, charm, level design and otherwise solidness to make it worth it but oy that jank 

I kinda wanna talk more about what I didn't like about this, but I'm going to soft recommend it.

It's a unique , surprising game, that is not without its flaws and might just not grab some people.

This is a good game to into blind. Right until the end you don't know where it's going to go and what is going to be significant and what isn't .
A weird mix of endearing inaneness and ominous portents.

The characters are a simple joy in their animation, a mini-game on a characters laptop is surprisingly engrossing, I actually liked most of the characters, but.. like it's not perfect or a reliably great time . It's format is basically a visual novel with optional content hidden in platform bits.

Get on steam, play it for under an hour and if the dialog or lack of "gameness" is annoying you refund it. If you are genuinely enjoying the characters and the mystery and not knowing where the game goes (and it does go some weird places) keep playing.

It's hard to talk about want I don't like without spoiling it so, if you have played or don't care read on below. Things will get more spoilery the more you read so if you want to read one or two complaints you should be good.

-First up , there's a jump mechanic I don't think I ever seen anywhere else; your 3rd jump in a row is about 150% as high. It's a unique mechanic that I never really got the hang of or enjoyed and it's super needed to explore the game and I wished the whole time it was just a running jump or a crouch jump or something tried and true because it was shit the whole time

-It's hard to know what counts as a platform to stand on and what is the background.

-it's pretty linear and a lot of the exploring is locked off until later days. The game does have some really good pacing for how it evokes the endless messing about of the early 20s and the slow creep of the story and the linearness works for that. However I can't help wonder how it being more open-ended in the amount you can explore and what character moments you can trigger and when.

-there's a bass guitar minigame , like in the style of guitar hero. You have a bass guitar in your room but you can't practise any of the songs except when you have to play them with everyone else. So that seems a missed opportunity right there. Also even if you hit all the notes it sounds like shit anyway. What is with that huh?

-There are dream sequence platform sequences . These are really cool the first 2 times and then I fucking hated them. They take too long , not enough variation of task and you move so slow. Also that jump mechanic and platform background ambiguity I mentioned earlier really start to grate.

-I really like the slow build of this game, and then the tone shift is great. But I wanted it to get further, deeper and weirder , and the big animals and musicians in the dream bits to become more significant than they are.
The lack of pay-off on the dream bits is only a problem because they are so annoying to do and it adds to it.
It feels like it just gets really going when its basically over.

-The linearness , automatic saving , and the dream scenes means this game is pretty unattractive to replay , despite me liking all the characters and wanting to see all the different scenes with them. There is so much to wade through to get the points where you can choose and no way of going back to an old save to try out something else.

Which is kinda more immersive but still feels a bit disappointing. You can't go back and play this game which seems thematic. I mean you can but you are way more patient than me. And there's stuff you will miss easily the first time so dunno, it's kinda stink.


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Everything is better side-on and this is a turn based squad tactics game.
You move your team of 1-4 robots and control the angle of the gun and try and exploit the angles available to get around cover. It's not like tank or worms where shot drop-off is a constant factor ; it matters on a couple of weapons but the levels do not have the room to do a classic artillery arc.
More you'll be bouncing shots off ceilings and walls.

Your squad of characters each have their own abilities and they get more as they level up .

The story is .. there and so is the dialog. It's missible but not unpleasant .

The gameplay never gets too complicated with what you can do and while this could make it feel stale , they manage to get just enough out of what you are doing that it doesn't and you still have enough to play around with that you are constantly making decisions and not just auto-piloting .

(well unless you are grinding a level or playing on a easier difficult. That said , I still managed to fuck a lot of missions up when I got complacent)

While I just said the game keeps it just the right amount of simple , it does feel like it could do with giving you some crazier stuff to play with in the end game or the post game.
The later levels introduce new mechanics to be used against you so things do stay interesting.
I mean interesting in a x-com lite kinda way? If you super love builds and gear tweaking it's not going to be deep enough.

Another thing that might annoy (it kinda did me) is you have limited storage for your gear pool, so you need to constantly sell old stuff and/or buy more storage.

Which I'm not sure what the thinking was behind this.
Your equipment already becomes obsolete as the enemy numbers get higher and often you need to swap out a gun for a gun with 1 number higher .
Which seems like a bit of an illusionary progression? It does mean a rare powerful gun wouldn't stay useful for ever but .. dunno is that really that good?.

You are basically fighting the game to have a "tool kit" of load outs to try because of the limited spaces and ratcheting enemy health makes a previously unique abilitied weapon obsolete.

And that seems kinda like a wasted opportunity?

Not that any of the guns or equipment does anything particularly unique or crazy and that does seem a deliberate choice to keep your tactical choices small but engaging.

The characters show a lot more range in abilities, but often only show their potential once you've levelled them up and some can be a serious load until certain abilities are unlocked.

The melee focused fish-man robot that head-butts people is my favourite though melee is pretty hampered unfairly by cover and low damage.

Dunno I got a lot of hours of play out of it?

(the DLC is too skimpy to recommend unless you really desperately want more levels .)

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this is a goony little platformer by Nifflas (Knytt stories).
It's ..pretty good?
You could describe it as an "open ended puzzle platformer" , but it's curious in the sense progress works.
Progress is primarily and almost solely based on how you understand the various things in the world (guns, birds, animals, blocks, etc) .
You are never that far from anywhere in the world nor is any resource that hard to get (once you know how and where) , so the only meaningful progress you make is a)knowing where things are and b)knowing what they do

Which is a weird feeling at first .
You are given a "win" condition; to collect all the animals but there's only a handful that are on the other side of a puzzle.
Quite a lot of puzzles can be brute forced with some of the items and it's indicative of the overall feel of the game this aspect.

By which is that you are "playing", the game never leans on you to play super efficiently, and often you find yourself attempting a puzzle in a more difficult way because it's more interesting.

Which does happen in other games , but often once you've exhausted the "core game play" .

Here it happens as soon as you realise money and most of the animals are found over the place and you don't rarely need to accumulate more than what you immediately need.

I did want it to get deeper and weirder with what was out there, maybe some seriously difficult puzzles to test the accumulated knowledge and trickery you develop.

I think the creator hopes that it will have a fan-content scene like knytt does/did. I really hope so because I wanted more.

The only other down side is you use all the animals in a pretty stark utilitarian
way and the promo texted suggested you would just be finding them and putting them in a little friendship zone.
Nope, it's even more exploitive than pokemon.

Would recommend though

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bits that a little jank:
-If you do 3 jumps in a row the third is bigger , that's a really weird mechanic and you kinda need to use it a lot
-you have a bass in your room but you can't practise with it and there's band practise minigames that it would really help to get some practise in before them
-can be a little hard to tell what platforms you can jump on
-loading times
-demontower has some serious janky stunlock but it's bonus game and it's only a problem because you'll play the shit out of it. Actually has some great boss design in it
-feels like it could be a bit linear? It's so surprising and makes sure you are having fun along the way that will be okay though

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Okay I'm still playing Salt and Sanctuary and still not all decided about it yet, so at some point I will talk about it.

A House of Many Doors: I would wait until it's patched and patched and optimized. Ran so badly on my computer than I got a refund.
-also it looks like shit. The train-pedes legs move in this half assed rowing way and it's real missed opportunity to have something really visually striking like the peristaltic waves of the millipede.

I haven't planned the Zubmariner expansion of Sunless Sea yet. I'm just kinda mad at that game , even though I really like it, it's still wack. Dunno what the space one is going to be like, I mean if they really did learn that no-one likes a early game bottleneck in a permadeath game or no writing is good enough to bother doing the same thing 1000s time to access it then maybe?

I'm fairly excited about the complete remastering of Wonderboy 3. Like I love pixel art and I would of hated it had you described it to me but looking at it's gorgeous.

Hollowknight's coming out soon. That looks good.

Okay a recommedation:
this goofy spelunky-like lemonhunter:

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you know those games that seem like a 2-3 minute amusing concept game and then you sink about a hour into them without really noticing?

The ultrasimple legacy system plus the basic hitbox management combat system could be a tiny bit cleaned up and expanded upon and make this a fairly solid pick up game.

-the legacy system where you inherit stats from the parents seems to have some weird odds (more likely to get stuff from the dad) and occasional inherence of something that neither parent has

-the weapons seem to have only one variable (length) , when they could easily have hitbox dimensions, damage, knockback, and damage repeat going on as well. They might actually have that , if they do it needs to be turned up.

-when kissing girls don't do it too close to a wall or , if you choose to not love your baby , you can spawn inside the wall and be trapped FOREVER

As it is , it's still totally worth a play
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