What became known as the Project Morpheus began as a purely scientific exercise in potentiality.  We sought out to do the impossible, to create a Tecthulhu capable of sending and receiving messages through the nodal network and to hybridized the entity in a manner similar to how the National Intelligence Agency believes the “Tycho” to be.  Lofty goals, but they were the ones we aimed at achieving.

I, of course, had other plans.

Through the use of a variety Tecthulhu and XM Artifacts I procured; I was able to gaze into the nodal network and saw other versions of myself, imperfect and inferior, staring back.  I also heard voices from the edge of reality whispering unthinkable things and saw the AI I manifested, Tau, in a corporeal form. This infuriated me. Did those lesser reflections manage to do something I was incapable of? Did they succeed in achieving the prize I sought with my magnus?

Maybe, we needed more XM to achieve our goals.  We spent time asking ourselves how? The answer was simple: Create the amount of agent activity equal to an XM anomaly through the use of dead drops, links, fields, and cryptography.  However, this idea was flawed. No matter how much XM we flowed towards the Tecthulhu, which I dubbed Morpheus, it wasn't enough to sustain my agenda, nor was it capable of achieving the magnus’s goal.

The XM simply vanished.  I suspect, possibly, it was being sent elsewhere in the nodal network by Morpheus itself.  Maybe, that was how our Magnus was discovered by agents like Ishira who began collecting data related to our project  (https://plus.google.com/collection/YKDDZE) or the Investigative community as a whole...

I need an Epiphany to realize where everything went wrong.  I must visit the place where every one of my incarnations built their first Tecthulhu: Camp Navarro.

Possibly, the answers to my questions lie there.

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