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Long term effects: Still driving after 8 years

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Asanka, stargardt's patient see 20/16 after 10 days treatment.

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after 2 weeks, paola's visual fiels was 180 degree horizontally. 5 lines better in central vision.

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Gareth, RP from UK, visual field improve from 50 degree to 180 degree
after 2 weeks treatments.

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Michelle came for treatments in 2007. In April 2008 she got her Driving license back. ever since she was able to pass annual vision test to keep her Driving lisence. congratulations!

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Is this too good to be True?
an answer after 15 years hesitation!
Miguel , 68 years old restaurant owner from Chicago,US. He knew about wellspring clinic for RP in years 2000, 15 years ago. But at that time he didn't believe it. So he didn't come and waited, watching for 15 years. on Oct5th,2015, after following progress of wellspring clinic in RP treatments for 15 years, Miguel finally made his trip to Vancouver.
on first day his central vision is 20/80, visual field was 21 degree horizontally, 23 degree vertically. after 10 days treatment his central vision improved to 20/50, field of vision to 57 degree horizontally,75 degree vertically. more than doubled. as a result he can walk better, reach to his cup at dinner without hesitation,
dark adaptation faster.
a wonderful gift after 15 years long waiting!
what if he came 15 years ago, one may ask.

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Orma's visual field improved from 40 degree to 180 degree after 10 day program. wellspring clinic.

Positive lifestyle factors for RP patients ( 2015 edition)
many patients have asked me what they should be doing every day to help promote healing and overall eye health. Here are a few tips:
what to Do:
Eat blueberries and blackberries,carrot,grapes – they are rich in antioxidants
Eat healthy: Oily fish such as salmon and leafy greens should be eaten on a regular basis 
more black sesame, black bean, walnuts,sunflower seed
Limit your total daily computer time, reading time, and TV time to 4 hours or less
Take steps to limit your stress: exercise, do yoga, take walks
sufficient sleep,if you have insomnia, take chinese herbs
Make sure to do Dr.Yu's eye exercises for RP on a daily basis.
Limit coffee to one cup a day
Red wine is fine – but limit it to three glasses a week
Don’t do:
no chillies, garlic
Don’t drink cold beverages. Make sure that all liquids you drink are at least room temperature.
Don’t get flu vaccinations. Flu shots are very detrimental to people with RP take chai tea or ginger tea on daily basis to reduce risk of flu
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