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Re-purpose HOAs and other videos.
Re-purpose HOAs and other videos.

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150 signatures needed before this petition will go public*
Please review and sign ...

White House Petition
Now ACA Repeal & Replace is sidelined, this is the perfect time for compromise. Here’s one plan to fix a broken healthcare system in three easy steps.

1. For Basic-Only Health care, Medicare-For-All (ie: single payer).
2. Medicare-For-All is paid for through age based taxes ...
. 18-26 pay for 20% of total costs ...
. 26-32 = 25%
. 32-54 = 25%
. 54-64 = 20%
. 64-72 = 10%
. 72+ 0%
3. Beyond basic health care, citizens can optionally purchase highly competitive “Market-Based-Supplementary” insurance for everything else.

(a) Age ranges and percentages will of course need to be tweaked.
(b) It’s okay to “means-test” taxes within each age range.
(c) Government can still subsidise those too poor to purchase supplemental insurance.

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Guide to Irish Accents

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What Brings Us Together

There's more that binds us than separates us.
Now how cool is that.

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Send a post card today ... to register your concern.

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Even Consumers Union doesn't like the new healthcare plan


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In honor of pi ...

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Sign an online petition to keep "Fearless Girl" on Wallstreet

A sculpture entitled "Fearless Girl" was placed in Bowling Green Park, facing off with the famous Wall St Charging Bull. To keep her there permanently, a permit must be issued by NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs and Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Fearless Girl was put there on International Womens Day by McCann New York and client State Street Global Advisors to symbolize the power of women in leadership. It’s part of a campaign by SSGA to emphasize that companies with women in top positions perform better financially.

Tim Nudd reported in Adweek that McCann did get a permit for the girl statue. It will be up for at least a week, says the agency, which is negotiating with the city for it to become part of the art program so she can stay longer.
PLEASE SIGN & SHARE this petition to the Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs, asking them to make Fearless Girl a permanent Placement on Wall St.

Let's have "Fearless Girl" stand up for women! We have a long way to go.
One in four Russell 3000 companies don’t have even one woman on their board, and nearly 60 percent of boards are less than 15 percent women. That's got to change! Let's let "Fearless Girl" be a permanent symbol of the need for change!


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With Google Meet coming on board, , this resource should prove to become even more valuable. 
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