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The Official and Veracity-driven Original by Carsten Mohr
The Official and Veracity-driven Original by Carsten Mohr


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KICK-OFF FOR RE-LAUNCH IN BERLIN / GERMANY - from left to right: Benjamin Milet - WBA's head of administration, Yenniffer Poleo - the Real Miss Supranational 2014/15, Dalexis Forneau - WBA's latin press manager, Christian Leege, WBA's counselor, and Carsten Mohr - WBA's president.

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LOVE THE REAL SUPRA! The Official Miss Supranational 2014/15, Yenniffer Poleo from Venezuela, in the German Bundestag before meeting vice chancellor and federal economics minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD), the deputy of Angela Merkel.

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OFFICIAL RECEIPTION OF THE REAL MISS SUPRANATIONAL 2014/15 IN THE GERMAN PARLIAMENT: Yenniffer Poleo (right) from Venezuela is welcomed by Manfred Zöllmer MdB in the Reichstag.

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GET THE RIGHT THING RE-STARTED: The Real Miss Supranational 2014/15 arrived in Berlin! See Yenniffer Poleo (right) together with her Official license holder from Venezuela, Dalexis Forneau (left), and Carsten Mohr (center), World Beauty Association's President & CEO, in Berlin's up-market "Malatesta" restaurant on 25 May.

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Last Saturday, Miss Supranational's founder Carsten Mohr has been elected by the General Assembly of Business Crime Control in Frankfurt / Germany as Board Member.

The well-respected Non-Governmental Organization against Business Crime and Corruption was founded in 1991 - two years prior to its also Germany-based "sister organization" Transparency International.

As co-owner of WBA in 2009, Mohr had the idea for an unique because manipulation-free premier beauty pageant but failed in 2012/13 when an evildoing supplier from Poland forged results and sold the crown. Last year, Lipinski, the former producer, duplicated the pageant and handpicked a winner from India against payment.

In 2015, the re-launched format of the by Carsten Mohr headed original Miss Supranational contest shall strictly avoid wrongdoings to bring dignity back to pageantry.


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Excerpts from Yenniffer Poleo's (Real Winner of Miss Supranational 2014) official up-front photo session in La Lecheria / Venezuela.

Photographer: Fabricio Marot
Crown and accessories: George Wittels
Designer: Franco Perna
Co-ordinator: Josenir Rojas
National Director: Dalexis Forneau 

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AFTER FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOR: Miss Supranational's ex-host Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski tries to escape civil proceedings by playing on his two citizenships before court.

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Photograph: The 2014 ND Certificates Direct Mailing - The same procedure as every year.

The pageant world is full of wannabe ‘National Directors’ but also fake ‘model’ agents and simple cheaters. No entertainment ‘industry’ seems to have more conmen. TAKE CARE: Social media assist avatar-like profile-building by nobodies or even worse the story-building of wrongdoers - like currently a bogus ‘human rights organization’ from Pakistan in pageantry.

With no evidence of formal qualification or proof of competence needed, these pretenders fish for international licenses – in best case free-of-charge – to attract paying girls and sponsors at home. Sometimes even silly contest names are enough to underline alleged local importance. Without own added value, those persons let contestants pay access-fees and often their flights. They use your photographs and canvass with your prize monies instead own monetary awards.

We at WBA also made our bad experiences. Just in time before the end of our 5-year test after starting Miss Supranational in 2009, we got cheated by our own production supplier from Poland. The good side: it became easy for us as licensor and organizer to separate the wheat from the chaff because racketeers and people with no sense of justice gravitate towards each other.

85 contestants from 70 license holders arrived 2013 in Minsk. After the fraud committed by Mr Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski, we lost less than 30 to him in 2014.
On the basis of remaining 40+ in 2014 and the gained new National Directors, we will improve our license holder portfolio step by step with caution (and within a 2015-introduced KYC process – ‘Know Your Customer’) in accordance with the adjusted concept of an unique because veracity-driven personality search.

Instead of ‘typical pageant people’:

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In 2009, famous George Wittels, the Caracas-based jeweler and pageant crown artist from Venezuela, designed for our launch the first Miss Supranational crown with twinkling blue stones.

Our 5-years lasting launch - the Blue Era - is over since end of 2013. We had time to objectively evaluate whether we achieved our noble target of introducing a "veracity & excellence"-driven format to international pageantry.

The assessment is ambiguous. SUPERB - Our up-beat production format became a benchmark. BUT A DISASTER - Our Polish partner deceived us and our mission: Mr Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski sold the title in 2012 to Belarus, manipulated the results in 2013, didn't disbursed all prize monies and duplicated our pageant after we had to stop co-operating with the conman and thief.

2014/15: Miss Supranational goes real - in a new attempt to proof that fair and manipulation-free contests are desired and possible. And it is crown designer George Wittels again who exclusively heralds the new era with a wonderful new crown full of luminous green stones.


(Photograph by Fabricio Marot)


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Photograph: Agnieszka Miszkiewicz, Miss Supranational Poland 2014/15

Mr Jarek Zalegowski of interviewed Mr Carsten Mohr, the inventor of the Miss Supranational brand and President of WBA, the licensor of the original Miss Supranational beauty pageant. Mr Mohr, a former German councilor and banker in Poland during the Nineties, was the strategic and administrative mastermind behind the Miss Supranational pageant since 2008 and is a recognized treasury and compliance expert. In 2013, he took over WBA entirely, replaced the nominee-only chairwoman of WBA in Panama and transformed the offshore ‘postbox’ company into a transparent licensor in Hong Kong.

- How was the Miss Supranational contest created?

End of 2008 during a fraud investigation in Panama - after listening to a bunch of complaints about not fair decision-making in pageantry - the idea was borne to create the project of a veracity-driven beauty contest. For people from reorganisation and compliance the challenge to proof that beauty pageants could be done in an honest way seems to be keenly interesting. As a former politician in Germany, I liked the idea to use a word from diplomacy and foreign affairs: so I created the title Miss Supranational. Too intellectual, I know by now (laughs).

- Why was the coronation of the first Miss Supranational in 2009 made on stage by Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski, and not by Mrs President of the organizer at the time, which was WBA Panama?

My partner and myself are coming from the banking and finance industry not entertainment or television. For us it was clear to focus on our comfort zones global administration and process management while outsourcing the production and event management functions for the official 5-years lasting launch from 2009 until 2013. I have been introduced to Gerhard Paruztka von Lipinski in 1996. He came into BRE Bank in Gdansk and asked for an overdraft. Two years later, already back from Poland, I financed his small office building in Sopot as MHB Bank's Head of Special Finance (Note: MHB Polska is now DnB Nord). He made friends with me and I remembered his hobby to produce Miss Polski for Mr Lech Danilowicz, the owner of Missland sp. z o.o. In 2009, they were in need for an international pageant to add some color to the Festival of Beauty in the city of Plock but didn't had the money to get an established international pageant to Poland. We were looking for a launch partner not as expensive as Societe Miss France which belongs to Endemol, the inventor of Big Brother. Hence, we hired Missland before Mr Lipinski used his new company Nowa Scena sp z o.o. from 2010 onwards.
We were interested in a great, up-beat stage show and didn't cared about Mr Lipinski's pomposity to hand over the first crown. 
Keep in mind that Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski is only a craftsman who came back to Poland in the early Ninetees after he lost everything in Germany. He was not successful in Poland as well and the mentioned half-empty office building is his only asset. As a friend, I granted him that sign of self-importance on stage.
By the way: Mrs Marcela Yandar Lobon as our pro-forma president only was not important and hence absent in 2009. During our 5-years lasting launch, she attended our final galas only once – in 2010. A year later, she said hello on a press conference and escaped with her boyfriend. That’s it in five years. She has no clue about pageants like the other by the Panamanian lawyer proposed nominee board members of our start vehicle.

- In 2013, Miss Supranational was taking place entirely in Belarus. How do you recall this country as host of the contest?

I have a fancy for Eastern Europe since 1993 and met amazing and beautiful people. Belarus and ONT TV were not new for me. I have been the person who drafted the host agreement for Miss Intercontinental 2009 in Belarus. When Mr Lipinski asked in 2012 to allow him to sublicense his last year as oursourcing partner to ONT of Belarus, I only agreed as a friend because the host fee allowed him to pay open invoices from the previous year and ease the financial burden of his almost bancrupt Nowa Scena. ONT downpaid in 2012 and paid all instalments in time to our Polish host.
Returning from host country negotiations for 2014 and my German competition, I arrived last year with delay in Minsk. I recognized to be treated like a guest to my own show. I knew that the broadcast of our 2013 final would go on air with a delay of one hour because Mr Lukashenko's censorship doesn't allow live telecasts. But I as a judge was shocked to see that no breaks were made during the telecast, also not for counting the jury's votes. Mr Lipinski, again head of our jury, had already written his results into the TV hosts' script. A disaster for Miss Supranational's unique selling point "veracity"!
As per today, we know more: even the 2012 crown was bought in Warsaw. It turned out that Katsiaryna Buraya from Belarus who won Miss Supranational 2012 is the mistress of ONT's old President, a school comrade of Mr Lukashenko. Chairman Ryhor Kisiel simply bought the crown for his girl from Lipinski: A side deal in 2012 together with a kick-back of 50,000 dollars and Katya's prize money out of the USD-300,000-contract. 
The up-shot after five years of Miss Supranational: excellence and a worldwide TOP position gained but the veracity goal wasn't achieved!

- Preparations for the Miss Supranational 2014 contest are in progress. But many people do not understand why two contest are announced this year having the same name. Could you explain this issue?

This is sadly very simple to explain. When I arrived after Minsk in my Sopot-based office, I learned that the license managers of my WBA team had problems with their e-mails. Me too. Additionally, I had to realize that the bearer share of our Panamanian start vehicle wasn't in Sopot anymore. Mr Lipinski who is owner of that building had obviously prepared the coup by changing passwords and taken the document to Warsaw. Suddenly, I was also kicked out of the by me founded Miss Supranational fanpage on facebook.
By the way: an offshore bearer share company with nominee shareholders and directors was choosen as a licensor vehicle for the launch to hide owners and idea sponsors to avoid problems with other TOP 5 pageants which claim sole representation or suffer from megalomania putting pressure on National Directors who delegate to other pageants as well.
Long story short: Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski who is also not President or owner of Miss Polski simply tried to run Miss Supranational alone and not as a host only. For me, his fraud is a double disappointment: to rape the noble cause of Miss Supranational on one hand and on the other to steal 57,250 euros in cash from me with which I helped him as a friend in his desperate situation being heavily indebted to three banks, three private lenders and his brother in Hamburg.
Should we surrender before a conman and thief? No, as promised in 2009, we would leave Europe after the launch to another continent. With the stolen bearer share, Mr Lipinski indirectly possesses one brand registration in Europe while we own others wordwide. But currently, we face the same bad situation like Miss Globe with a duplicity of brands and pageants. 
I will not leave Miss Supranational to our former host. But two things are clear: The brand which was the shooting star among premier pageants is damaged and the goal of an honest competition not achieved.

- Why Miss Supranational 2014 will be hosted in India? In 1996, India was host of the Miss World contest, unfortunately there were problems on a religious base. Aren't you afraid of such problems now?

Obviously, the motive of Mr Lipinski to betray was his extreemly bad financial situation and his greediness to enter alone into the almost finalized host agreement with an African state for 2014. We could neutralize the hostile takeover but at the price to be on a hold with Africa as well. The originated alternative was India but Indian business customs and the upper-class mentality of our Hindu partner were tough. Religion was not an issue at all but the lame local organization. We had to intervene, found lately a second TV partner and took over more and more tasks of the host. To choose India was a mistake even before the strict visa regime made us calling off the final in Udaipur.
The sunny side of all: we lost a friend who was in fact a hidden evildoer, we concentrate on authenticity as our USP to make a better world and met even in India new reliable partners in PR, TV production and event management for 2015 and the following years.

- Since half a year there are upcoming shocking news on your website. This considers Global Beauties portal, Gerhard Parzutka von Lipiński and WBA Panama. Please explain what they did and describe it!

No, we published only one fraud warning to the public on our webpage to inform fans and protect licensees before the risk to join the bandits around our former host. But we will not enter into an online warfare with criminals or kids on blogs. In the age of cybercrime, internet bashing with hidden identities and fake story-building with avatar editors, we will not invest manpower to answer misguided hardcore fans or one-man campaigns of Lipinski's accomplices.
GlobalBeauties is a two-men blog only. Not more. Mr Edwin Dominguez and Mr Henrique Fontes of that portal are constantly cash-strapped. Both expect to participate in future incomes from the stolen brand and contest. As so often in the hard world of South America, honesty is no value for itself for them. Mr Dominguez spent the summer in Poland to do the correspondence of the fraudulent new pageant with our name. Mr Lipinski suffers a general weakness in writing and needed someone to build up an English and Spanish speaking license administration. Both commit slander, spread malicious gossip, threatened our contestants and directors in direct calls and caused confusion on the web.
We also didn't comment in early 2013 on Mr Pawee Ventura's campaign against Miss Supranational when his bashing portal Missosology from the Philippines blamed the pageant in Poland for being anti-Semitic and made the Poles responsible for the concentration camps of the Nazis. Ventura belongs to these jobless youngsters in a developing country which doesn't offer a thriving future to the young generation. Instead, those Nationalistic pageant hooligans try to live heroic lifes in the virtual reality of the internet.
Ebola, conflicts in Ukraine and not only limited to the Middle East: Should we really take care of the misbehaving instead of the real issues? And: official mills grint slowly but finally well - also in Poland.

- In the appearing news - the sexual harassment of candidates is topical. This is the first time, when an organisator is pointing out such situations at another organisator. Why?

We have published nothing regarding sexual harassment in pageantry. I regret to be not aware what is currently discussed in Polish media on candidates participating in pageants with such bad experiences. From a compliance point of view, it is of utmost importance to build lines of protection in a pageant organization: keep the girls' contact data secret, select jury members not interested in meeting the contestants privately, reject sponsors expecting ladies' services in return and avoid any risk by sorting out National or Regional Directors who might be close to escort services.
Each rule is violated by Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski in Poland: He invited a lady pimp from Africa with access to the government. He organized against payment that his backers left with contestants after the show. He binded a sponsoring judge by providing a Miss, arranging her success at Miss Polski and her delegation to an international pageant. Mr Szamborski of Miss Polski passes over casting and final candidate form sheets with telephone numbers to two of Lipinski's main private sponsors - a not in Poland taxed real estate tycoon and an Polish investor of "Russian money". Complaints from parents of minors followed. 
Absolute no-gos, we had to stop the co-operation with Mr Lipinski so or so. Those persons give pageants a bad taste and are responsible for the genre of being of minor importance and ill-reputed.

- Polish fans are asking why you don't promote your contest by advertising it, instead you are publishing sensational facts from a rival’s activities?

As pointed out before, we do not comment each action of our former partner from Poland. We even do not care what lies Missosology and GlobalBeauties spread in the small pageant community. As we found out, these persons write everything for money, have no journalistic education and are not interested to cross-check at all. So what! We work on a worldwide media strategy, found public relations partners, promote our pageant additionally on different social media and use to do interviews with former Supras on

- How do you evaluate rankings for most important international contests? For example, the Grand Slam made by the Global Beauties portal?

A good ranking status supports a new contest to attract attention within the fan crowd. That's why Miss Grand copies Mr Lipinski's approach to buy the boys of GlobalBeauties. In the beginning it helps as a sales argument. When established, it doesn't matter anymore. Grand Slam is only one rating scheme. Other blogs call theirs Big4 or Big5. One element all have in common: intransparency! Awards are given discretionary by free hand of single bloggers. Hence, it was easy for Lipinski to make Fontes and Dominiguez kick out the Miss Earth contest in 2012 from their Grand Slam scheme. And it was also easy for him to street-cleverly calm down the Filipino haters by hand-picking with Mutya Datul a Filipina as a winner in Minsk.

- How, till this year, the rivalisation between WBA Hong Kong and other international contests looked like?

There was no rivalisation from the beginning. We knew since 2009 that our veracity-drivenness would make us unique. A benchmark for excellency was the Miss Universe pageant with its classy candidates. It also gave orientation for the maximum number of contestants. As the German license holder to Miss World, I saw already in Sanya how difficult it is for a beauty contest with more than 100 candidates to run a good show and allow a breathtaking choreography. WBA invited early the makers of Miss International to join as license holders for Japan and this year I had been in kind and respectful talks with Miss Earth to join for the Philippines.

- Will there be a Polish representative to the contest in India?

Yes, we selected with our new Polish partners an outstanding Polish beauty, the still reigning Miss Bikini International. Agnieszka Miszkiewicz, a former Miss Polski Nastolatek contestant (Note: Miss Poland Teenager), would have competed in India and will represent Poland in 2015. We felt a duty of care and didn't published her earlier because of expected massive retaliation from Mr Lipinski who lives not far away from Gdynia. Not only the Swedish candidate was put under verbal pressure. You know how Lipinski threatens people. We do not get impressed because we know him in detail but other believe at first glance in his aura and bluff possibilities.

- What are the organizers plans after the contest plans for Miss Supranational 2014?

We will say good-bye from pageantry and switch the competion into a non-scripted, authentic reality show with a final telecast. The strategic brand management will place emphasis on the personality factor and also inner beauty. Our portfolio of license holders improves. The positive impact of Lipinski's fraud is that the wheat already seperated from the chaff (Note: less than 30 of 70 National Directors were lost to the former host from Poland). New license holders are advised for 2015, former ones which took a time-out in difficult 2014 return and replacements for the classic type of self-declared 'contestant brokers' are sought after. The format will be strictly manipulation-free and checked by a recognized quality process manager. Tour and guests will be overwhelming. Get surprised!

- What would you like to tell to the Polish fans?

The beautiful and skilled ladies of Poland deserve a real and fair beauty competition. 
After Missland was visited too often by 'komorniks' (Note: bailiffs), Leszek Danilowicz lost the company and had to leave the Belvedere Residence building as well. Miss Polski's new owner prefers the shady side with no official domicile in Poland and appointed a dopalacze dealer as Missland's new President. Lipinski owes money to the new owner and can continue as Miss Polski's producer. With money from offshore tax paradises, funds via the Columbian mother of his daughter outside his marriage and friends who invest Russian money in the West, Miss Polski is a danger to Polsat TV and its sponsors.
Chin-up, Polish pageant lovers! After Ukraine, Poland will not allow to be a place for wrongdoers. Too much has been achieved in the last 25 years, no reason to spoil it. Pageants shall originate role models not the opposite. Make a change!
The Polish interview was published on 2 January 2015 until Mr Zalegowski was threatened by Mr Gerhard Parzutka Lipinski to remove it.

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