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How to set a beautiful table using English place settings. #setthetable   #tablelayout   #ettiquete  Lay a beautiful Christmas table
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This #breadrecipes   for #breadmachine  is very moist. It is for breadmakers where you put the dry ingredients in first, if yours is different, just reverse the order.
Cider Apple Bread
1 teaspoon dried yeast for breadmakers
500g strong white bread flour
1 grated apple
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
half a teaspoon of ground white pepper
300ml cider
1 teaspoon of rosemary
add everything in the correct order. Set the machine to the basic bread recipe. (4 hours)
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Pizza Recipe to make in a bread machine. #breadmaker   #pizza   #baking  
It will depend if your recipe asks you to add the dry ingredients first or last. I will do the recipe assuming dry ingredients first but you can alter to suit your bread maker. 
You need 1 teaspoon (5ml) easy bake dried yeast
450g strong white bread flour
1.5 teaspoons salt
half a teaspoon sugar
280ml water
30ml olive oil
This will make two large pizzas
Add everything in the order above, making sure you put the salt in one corner and the sugar in another, away from each other.
Set the breadmaker to the dough setting. If one is available use basic or pizza dough setting. start the machine
Oil a couple of pizza pans or baking sheets. When the dough cycle has finished remove the dough and place on floured surface.  Knock it back i.e. punch it, gently.  Divide in two.  Roll out into 2 30cm rounds.  Place on baking sheets.
Suggested topping - 6 tablespoons sundried tomato paste , 300g mozzarella cheese, sliced.
8 plum tomatoes roughly chopped
1 large yellow pepper seeded and cut in strips
115g prosciutto torn up
fresh basil leaves
8 large garlic cloves
3 tablespoons olive oil
parmesan cheese

put filling on, drizzle the olive oil over. Season it. baek for 15-20 minutes in your regular over at 220C or Gas 7.
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lunch today of mixed home made salads, home cooked beet root, sweet potato and courgette, mint and goats' cheese fritters followed by Thai sticky coconut rice with papaya, lime and mint salad. It was so delicious. I got the dessert recipe from the Hairy Bikers.
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Looks very tasty, Glenda.
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#baking #cake
Today I made Mary Berry's #chocolate and ginger cake. It was quite simple to make and I am pleased it cake out so well.
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Ok lol
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What is it about building a den that attracts children?  did you build dens as a child?
When we were young we would spend hours building dens. Off we would go on our bikes with a few sandwiches (usually eaten by half past ten) and a bottle of Corona and we would spend the day frantically dragging bits of wood, b...
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Our primary school had woods in the grounds, and people always used specific groups of trees to make little dens.

And woe betide anyone who took someone else's trees.

Great fun.
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Made a beautiful chocolate cake and added two grated courgettes. delicious!
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Damn too late.

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#foodfriday #FoodFriday
Simple to make flapjacks made with porridge oats, melted butter and syrup and chocolate chips added. baked in the oven. a nice treat for the grandchildren when they are hungry after swimming!

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made this apple and apricot cake. absolutely delicious recipe by Mary Berry and so nice with a glass of wine. It is made using flour and semolina, eggs, butter and sugar and pallets and dried apricots.
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Yes, it did!
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#vegetarianrecipes #recipe #food.
I made this cheesy frittata. Just beat 8 eggs, lightly cooked runner beans and peas, chopped garlic , handful of.fresh chopped mint and a handful of cheese and cooked in an oiled pan over a low heat until set and then sliced pieces of cheese for the top and out under the grill. very nice too! you could serve with salad or potatoes etc. Serves 4.
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Looks really nice. Better than a steak pie any day :-)
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Some beautiful pubs we came across on our recent visit to Stratford. #Englishpubs  English Pubs are wonderful.
Over the weekend we had one of those mini breaks in Stratford Upon Avon.I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the wonderful old English pubs in Stratford. messing about on the Avon We stayed at the Grosvenor Ho...
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All pubs are wonderful, especially the traditional English ones :-)
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Here is a recipe which helps use up a glut of courgettes.It is really moist and we added walnuts to it. 
You may need to use up your courgettes. We have a glut of courgettes at the moment. I decided to use some in my baking this week. so for those of you looking for a way to use up those courgettes this is a great recipe.  You s...
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Jack of all trades selling cutlery (flatware) and catering items in our internet business.

Our website sells cutlery and catering items to both the general public and to the catering trade. My husband has been selling cutlery for over 25 years and knows the trade inside and out. After many years of selling cutlery in shopping centres and agricultural shows all over the country we decided to sell on line. We sell all kinds of cutlery from beautiful canteens of cutlery to basic catering cutlery. We sell a lot of cutlery for children. Lots of the items we sell are really unusual, such as splades, fruit spoons,grapefruit spoons. We even sell olive spoons!

We have two grown up children and three grandchildren. We both enjoy the countryside, dining out or dining in with friends, we both go regularly to the gym.  I also enjoy swimming (Peter hates it) and Peter enjoys football (I hate it). I am an avid reader. I love cooking. I am an ex teacher and a perpetual student. I love children. I also have a blog called "Dining In"

     I am happy to talk to people who are happy to talk to me. Feel free to add me to your circles.

     I would fit in with small business, catering, cookery, foodies,bloggers, mums, parents, teachers and educators.

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