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7 Heavenly First Date Ideas For Christian Singles
For Christian singles eager to become a part of the dating scene, it is important to balance the religious side of dating with the thrilling and exciting side. So with the following suggestions, dates are focused on fun activities that would still make the Lord proud:

Attend Bible study together. This is a great way to learn more about God as well as help each other grow spiritually. Bible study provides a good opportunity to engage in conversations as you discuss various Biblical topics along with your personal ideas on what the scripture means to you. You can even talk about how you plan to apply the lessons learned to your own life. This can create a great spiritual foundation for future dates.

Go to the movies. This may seem like an obvious idea, but it still makes for a good date in the beginning of a relationship. A comedy is always a good choice on which the two of you should be able to compromise. As long as the comedy is good natured, it will allow each of you to laugh and relax. Go out for ice cream when it’s over to talk about the film and get to know more about each other.

Go to a concert. You can find many Christian bands touring the country that play at large venues or even churches in your city. Christian or gospel concerts are just as much fun as concerts put on by mainstream artists, but the added fellowship will allow you to connect with your date on a spiritual level as you have fun and listen to uplifting music.

Go to a post-church brunch or dinner. One of the best dating ideas can originate from chatting after services and extending an invite to brunch or dinner. Enjoying a meal at a restaurant is always a classic date option, as it provides you with the opportunity to relax and discuss a variety of topics in a public place. If you go after church you can talk about the service and discuss your own ideas about the message, and if you really hit it off this can evolve into a nice dating ritual every Sunday.

Attend a sporting event. Attending your favorite team’s game together is a fun way to share a wholesome first date. Even though there’s a good chance rowdy fans will be present, you will usually get a good family crowd at a sporting arena, also. This date will allow for easy conversation about the team, the sport, and of course…a dinner of nachos and hotdogs.

Have a barbecue picnic. Spending a beautiful day outside having a barbecue with your date is a great way to spend time with one another. This is a simple date that has all the elements of romance in its favor. You will have the chance to be alone and enjoy the company of one another with nature, food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Volunteer. The two of you could enjoy a date helping your community while getting to know each other at the same time. Many non-profit organizations welcome the assistance of volunteers for special events or ongoing services. Check with your church to see if there’s anything coming up that you can help out with or pick a charity that means something to both of you. Reading at a children’s hospital, serving food to the homeless, or walking dogs at an animal shelter will not only help others, but it will allow you to work together and enforce a bond through teamwork.
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