The Facebook Promotional Post Complication

Facebook's switch to intentionally hide overly promotional posts from user's news feeds starting in mid January may sound harsh but the stark reality of the situation is Facebook (and any other social platform) was not designed to be an in your face, outbound marketing tool.  Granted it works that way for many, but those activities are best left to email blasts, direct mail and radio – traditional outbound marketing channels.  Using social media as an outbound tool defeats its true value.

Social media is about building relationships and social interaction.  It should be utilized as an avenue allowing your clients and customers to reach you.  Social media is an inbound channel.  

None of this means you still cannot sell on the social site.  While there is a basic definition Facebook uses to define 'promotional', we won't know how they will determine exactly what will be hidden.  It may be everything from brand that predominantly blasts specials, it may be just those specific posts.  

What it does mean - you need to rethink and retool your strategy. 

For those who still want to leverage the platform to broadcast sales and specials, there are several ways to do it without running afoul of the new policy.  

Your thought on the policy change?

The new policy:

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