The ReTweet Discreditation  
Do You Read Before You Share?

I'm always amazed at what I see RT, repinned or shared across social networks. We've all be made aware that what we post, from original content to comments, from where we check in to whom we're tagged with, can impact our reputation. So why do I see so many share questionable content?

After coming across several highly shared posts recently with questionable content or modified links taking the reader to a different or potentially malicious site, I was left wondering why so much poor content is being shared.

One thought - the biggest issue I hear when I speak with business owners regarding their posting is time. They know social media is critical to their branding and customer service but they simply can't see how to allocate the time. They end up turning to Google. A quick search will provide a plethora of articles from the 'experts' on 'how to succeed with social media in 30, 60 or 90 minutes per day' or for a formula on the correct times and volume to post, share, RT, etc.

I cannot help but think these 'formulas' and 'guidelines' are creating a thought process for business owners resulting in the belief that posting (and at a specific quantity, time or frequency) is the most critical piece. When time falls short, meeting the requisite number of posts, shares and likes means not being able to read BEFORE they act.

Too many social media 'experts' seem to push quantity over quality, that there is a universal guideline for success, that simply how often and when you post, how often you share determines the success of your social media campaign.

Slow down, read, THEN post.  Worry more about WHAT you post and share than meeting a 'formula'. Better to post less and bee seen less than to post damaging content.

I'd like to hear your thoughts. 

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