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Looking back at 2015
2015 was another year where my photography was sporadic, mainly due to university commitments where I was doing my second year at Durham. In fact my first photo of the year wasn't taken until March! Over the Easter holidays I managed to get out for a few da...

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Summer in Suffolk
With not much planned in the first couple of weeks of August I thought I'd spend a bit of time in Suffolk. There were a couple of particular things I wanted to photograph, as well as generally wanting to get back there as I like it so much! On my first afte...

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Summer Photography
Over the Summer I spent some time photographing wildlife local to me in London, and the first of these subjects was Badgers, an animal I have wanted to photograph for some time. Somewhat fortuitously I stumbled across some a short drive from my house so spe...

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Suffolk in Summertime
It's been a while since my last post, and I've managed to fit in quite a bit of photography since my exams finished at the end of May. First I was in Suffolk for 3 weeks again, doing some photography for the RSPB at Minsmere while Springwatch were filming t...

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Spring Photography
I was back at home for my month-long Easter holiday a couple of weeks ago, and having not picked up a camera since January, was keen to get out and do some photography. I spent a couple of days up in Suffolk which, although not the most productive, did yiel...

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Looking back on 2014
2014 has been a different year for me - I spent the first 9 months of it on a year off between school and university, so had a lot of spare time. I'd already spent 3 months working before Christmas, and the first month and a half of 2014 were spent doing so...

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Peru 5
I'm currently sitting in my hotel room in Puerto Maldonado. I'm here a week earlier than planned due to a miners' protest that's been going on here. The region of Peru in which I'm staying (Madre de Dios) suffers from vast amounts of illegal gold mining. To...

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Thanks to
Several organisations have helped me with my trip to Peru, through monetary or equipment support, so I'd just like to thank them. Firstly, I am very grateful to Mrs Lindsay Radermacher, who left a bequest to my school, St. Paul's, to be awarded to people on...

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Good news or bad news?
I'm just over halfway through my stay in the Amazon, and given the events of yesterday thought I should do a blog post, so you can all experience what I'm going through. Bad news: My 600mm tried to escape into a lake yesterday. Good news: I saved it and it'...

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Peru 2
I'm nearly two weeks into my stay in the Amazon, and it's such an incredible place. From where I'm writing this I can see a huge expanse of green stretching into the distance, and them beyond that, the foothills of the Andes. On clear days I can even see th...
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