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Do you think pulling the #powercord out of the electrical plug by the cord is safe? Read why it is not at #Americord

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Why do we feel the need to be connected? Why do we stay connected 24/7 through #electronics? Ready why at #Americord

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Have you ever wondered why some #powercords are listed as #NEMA powercords? Find out on #Americords latest #news page

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What kind of super #power is allowing you to read this post? #Cords #Americord #PowerSupply

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Check out the difference in processor sizes between 50 years! #Electronics #Technology #Power
ENIAC, the first electronic general-purpose computer, took up 167 square meters of space. Almost 50 years later, as of 1996, you could simulate the ENIAC using a silicon chip the size of your fingernail and a circuit board.

What technologies that we use today would you like to see shrink in the next 50 years?

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