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Reptiles = Life
Reptiles = Life

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Crazy raid! 800k in resources! Wish the de was better but hey I'll take it. 

Anyone here have experience working with African Clawed Frogs (Xenophus Laevis)? I want to know if there is a kind of filter I can use for my 10 gallon that the Afc is currently in. I would prefer a filter over the complete change of water I do every few weeks. Let me know if you know a kind that works for these guys. Reason I ask is because I read that you should not use filters for these guys because its like having a jack hammer on 24/7, but I have seen people use filters for Afcs. Any response is appreciated thank you. 

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First episode of Clash with Python. Let me know what you guys think. I will start uploading to youtube soon. :) 

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The pics of the Tortoise enclosure. 
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Guys check what I found! :D 

Possible Updates

Some of the more frequent ideas which have not yet been ruled out by Supercell:
New Barracks units
Clan vs Clan wars.
Duelling arena/challenge battles/simulator/sandbox (attack friends).
Ability to post picture about their loots in chat boxes.
Improved in-game communication.
Online/last online status.
More clan rankings, i.e. High Elders or Co-Leaders
Easier way to rearrange/readjust village.
Village construction mode/saving layouts.
Blacklist/ban specific users from your own clan.
Automated reinforcement requests/trap-bomb replacement upon successful defense.
New dark elixir troop Witch
Ability to release certain reinforcements.
Way to turn on all range circles at once to check for max overlap/weak areas.
Add a 2nd radius circle on Hidden Tesla for the trigger range.
Ability to rearrange Barracks troop queue without removing/re-adding.
Daily reward system (see possible reward list here).
The ability to reset your account without changing the Game Center.
Player search function.
Wizard king.
Goblin king

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Hey guys. Just designed a town hall 8 farming base. How do you guys like it? I'm farming at 1600 trophies trying to get to crystal should I use it?
Let me know. Thanks. :)
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Wtf gemmer xD 

Update: I just left my clan and started a new clan with this dude in Global chat.
We are Arrow Storm! We are recruiting! Join us if you are: Active, Lv 60+, TH 7+, and have Lv 4 + archers.
Thank you :) 

Hey guys. I am in kind of a sticky situation here. Can you guys help me out? 
Situation: I am in a clan that is currently not very active and I don't like that because I am very active. However, I am an elder and have already pledged allegiance to the clan (plus our clan leader hates hoppers), I have also made a lot of friends over at this clan. Then again I am not having too much fun because of the inactivity. 
What should I do?
Your advice is appreciated.
Thanks. :) 

hey guys. I have never really farmed DE before and I am just looking for a beginners guide on how to do it. What is the best army comp for doing it? What kind of bases do I look for? What trophy range should I be in?... etc.
NOTE: I am a Townhall 8 at 1346 trophies with a lv 3 DE storage that currently has about 27,00/40,00 DE
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