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We provide peace of mind and security when you’re looking to protect your auto, home, rental properties, business or other assets.
We provide peace of mind and security when you’re looking to protect your auto, home, rental properties, business or other assets.

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Unless you're a fan of filing insurance claims, you may want to think twice before warming up your unoccupied car on a cold day...

Cars left running are prime targets for car thieves; one out of every 8 vehicles stolen in 2015 had the keys or fob left inside, according to the +National Insurance Crime Bureau. That's 57,000 vehicles stolen, or one every six-and-a-half minutes.

In an effort to reduce unnecessary thefts, many states and municipalities have passed laws banning “puffing," making it illegal to leave a car running and unlocked, even in your driveway.

The best bet to keeping both your vehicle and the feeling in your fingers and toes is to use a remote starter that allows you to start the engine while the car is safely locked up.

Don't let car thieves literally leave you out in the cold.

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In our industry, we constantly see the importance of insuring the stuff you own, even if you don't own the space you keep it in.

But, of course, as a company that sells renters insurance, you might think we don't have the most objective opinion on the subject. So, instead, take it from one of our customers who knows from personal experience...

"I had been a renter for four years in two different cities - one with a population of 600,000+ and one around 28,000 - yet never 'got around' to signing up for renters insurance.

I deluded myself into thinking:

1. Nothing I owned was really of value, so why cover it? Sure, I obviously needed a $1,000 laptop, but all my furniture was from IKEA or garage sales. My cell phone was always on me, like an embedded microchip. All my jewelry left green rings, and all $114.57 to my name was sitting safely in a checking account, out of sight.

2. Even if I did own anything valuable, renters insurance was too expensive. I already had to pay for rent, parking, utilities, car insurance, and non-essential items like food. Why would I add another monthly expense to cover some POÄNG chairs and a framed Ferris Bueller poster?


3. I lived in relatively safe areas, so nothing bad could really happen to me.

Then, in March 2013, my back door was broken down into about 700 pieces, and I was robbed. Within a very short period of time, one person (I assume, since they didn’t even bother to try to lift the 32” TV) was able to take over $1,300 of items that would never be recovered. That may not seem like a lot to some people, but to 24-year-old me, it was a major blow.

Trust me…this is not the ideal moment to realize you should have looked into insuring your stuff.

All that worthless junk my boyfriend and I owned? I guess I forgot about the Xbox, Bluray player, movie projector…Turns out, that stuff really adds up.

Living in a relatively safe area? Guess not, judging by the two other break-ins in my building. Shocking that my two dogs, who together weighed maybe 30 pounds, wouldn’t scare someone off. And, even if my neighborhood was as safe as I once believed it was, why would I think that my imaginary bubble would protect me from a fire, storm damage or electrical surge?

And that expensive renters insurance? Ended up costing me less per week than one quick lunch at Chipotle.

So, take it from someone who knows from experience - the question is not 'why would I need renters insurance?' It’s: why not?"

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One last sprinkling of 2016 holiday cheer, courtesy of Claims CSR Erin from our Omaha office.

Thank you all for a joyous and successful year - here's to an even better 2017!

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We may have been dreaming of a white Christmas (or not) in Santa Barbara and Jacksonville, but our Omaha office was busy making days merry and bright...VERY bright!

Congratulations to this year's winners of the annual Stillwater Ugly Sweater Contest:

"Ugliest" sweater - Jami (3rd from right)
"Funniest" sweater - Kyle (far left)
"Most unique" sweater - Melisa (4th from right)

We can't wait to see if/how you manage to top yourselves next year!

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The Stillwater Season of Giving (Back): Part 3

This year, the annual Stillwater Christmas Gift-Giving Campaign was given a special, personal touch thanks to one of our Jacksonville employees.

When Makeda's 17-year-old son, Jonothan, broke his hip this summer, he spent 11 days in the care of Wolfson Children's Hospital. Through two major surgeries, Jonothan received the world-class medical and personal care, leaving a lasting impression on Makeda and her family.

Thanks to this experience, the Stillwater Jacksonville office had Wolfson Children's in mind as the perfect local facility to give back to this holiday season. The office collected and donated toys and games for children of all ages - from newborn to 21-years-old - in addition to two much-needed PlayStation 4 systems and video games to help keep patients entertained during their hospital stays.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making the holiday merry and bright for hundreds of local children! What causes are most important to you this holiday season?
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The Stillwater Season of Giving (Back): Part 2

Even Santa needs a little help spreading the holiday cheer from time to time.

In order to help every little boy and girl on the "nice list" have a Christmas to remember, the Stillwater team recently partnered with Project Santa, a toy drive to benefit more than 6,000 children in need in the Omaha, Nebraska community.

Led by licensing analyst Melisa and customer service rep Sheree, the Omaha office collected and donated 80 new toys - including stuffed animals, dolls, trucks and games - for local children of all ages, as well as some much needed winter weather wear. (Not everyone is having a 78 degree Christmas this year, JAX office.)

Project Santa is sponsored through the Open Door Mission, a Gospel Rescue Mission committed to breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty in the Omaha area since 1954. Every day, the Mission’s campus offers 816 safe shelter beds to homeless men, women and children and serves over 2,000 hot, nutritious meals to local people living in poverty.

A big thank you goes out to everyone in the Stillwater Omaha office who helped to bring hope and joy to dozens of children this holiday season!

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The Stillwater Season of Giving (Back)

It's that time of year again where the normal habit of giving back to our communities in any way we can transforms into something even more meaningful - spreading the holiday spirit!

This year, the Stillwater Jacksonville claims department - headed by claims rep Tim - joyously partnered with Gwen Yates and the rest of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Florida to sponsor a local family for the holidays.

The claims group bought presents for the family and all pitched in for a big surprise: a new TV to replace the one stolen from the family home (along with the rest of their electronics) just a few days before Thanksgiving.

The family has four kids who have gone through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, which provides children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. Since 1914, the Northeast Florida chapter has been impacting lives of young people in our community through the power of one-to-one relationships.

All of us at Stillwater commend all of Santa's elves in the Jacksonville claims department for their commitment to spreading the holiday cheer to those in need!

Watch this space throughout the week to see the other ways our team is giving back this holiday season...
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There were nearly 8 million reported cases of theft last year, according to the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation, with victims suffering losses estimated at $14.3 billion.

Theft is one of the more invasive incidents we deal with in the insurance industry, and we always aim to empathize with our customers who are forced to suffer the loss of items that hold great value to them, whether it be monetary or personal - or, in often times, both.

Which is why receiving feedback like that of Hiral, our customer who experienced theft of personal property from her residence, all the more meaningful:

"I found Megan, my claims investigator/assessor, to be a thorough and meticulous professional.

Completing this claim was difficult for me due to several personal reasons, but Megan was very understanding and always took the time it would take to properly guide me through every step of the claims process. She worked quickly and this experience would definitely make me recommend Stillwater to friends and family.

I was very pleasantly surprised to realize that filling out an insurance claim is not as daunting as I thought it would be. Thank you Megan and Stillwater."

Megan knows the importance of providing accurate, quick and professional service, especially when dealing with people who might be at their lowest point. Stillwater commends her for perfectly demonstrating what we always aim to be for our customers: the safe port in any storm, providing peace of mind and protection of life's assets.

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Alzheimer's is a terrible disease that deeply affects more than 5 million Americans currently living with it, as well as the nearly 16 million loved ones and professionals who care for them. The sixth-leading cause of death in the U.S., Alzheimer's is the only cause in the top 10 that cannot be prevented, cured or slowed.

To Kyle, a Business Output Manager in our Jacksonville office, Alzheimer's is much more personal than its statistics; he lost two of his grandparents to the disease. That's why on November 19, Kyle participated for the fourth time in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, held annually in more than 600 communities nationwide, including Jacksonville.

Six other members of our team (Joshua, Logan, La Cresha, Taneisha, Christine and Donna) joined Kyle for a 2.7 mile walk in the world's largest event that raises awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research through the Alzheimer's Association. The global organization provides more than $350 million to scientific proposals creating critical advancements towards treatment, prevention and, ultimately, a cure for Alzheimer's. (Learn more about the cause at

The Stillwater team was able to take advantage of the community involvement initiative we launched this year to encourage employees to take part in the causes close to their hearts and help take care of logistics, such as team t-shirts and registration fees.

"I think this initiative is great," says Kyle. "It really motivates our Stillwater family to get together outside of the office and involved in the community."

We are very proud of Kyle and the rest of the Stillwater team for their devotion to such an important cause - the team was able to raise $408 this year! - and our community as a whole.

What causes are most important to you?

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It may seem difficult to ruin a holiday filled with family, food and football, but in our industry, we know all too well a theft can do just that.

"When you're making the rounds at the stores this holiday season, make sure your car isn't on someone's gift list," warns the +National Insurance Crime Bureau. "Unattended vehicles, especially those loaded with valuables, make attractive targets for thieves."

Last Thanksgiving saw a 36% increase in vehicle thefts from the year before, up to 1,653 reported incidents. And the only people more excited than shoppers on Black Friday are car thieves; last year's 2,244 reported thefts were more than any holiday, including All Hallows' Eve.

At Stillwater, we urge all our customers to be smart and stay safe this holiday weekend, and try not to encourage thieves to score those 100% off sales.

Follow these helpful tips from the NICB:
- Make sure your vehicle is locked when unattended
- Don't leave spare keys or FOBs inside your vehicle.
- Hide your valuables from view.
- If stopping at several locations to shop, remember to first store your packages in your trunk before leaving one destination for the next.

We care about you, and we're here for you...but we hope not to have to hear from you.

🦃Have a happy Thanksgiving! 
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