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Help support GameOn's mission while playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Grim Fandango Remastered, The Stanley Parable, and more!

GameOn is a new gaming movement from award-winning nonprofit War Child UK. War Child has reached out across the globe to gaming influencers to help them highlight the importance of protecting, educating, and standing up for the rights of children caught up in conflict. Now Humble is joining in, too!

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Dream Log:

Started a streaming/video production group with a bunch of friends, The Corporation For Public Youtubing. As the name might suggest, the CPY made Youtube-quality knockoffs of various public education shows: I headed a Bill Nye knockoff, some suiters made a Sesame Street knockoff, someone with a great radio voice did a Reading Rainbow knockoff, there was a flash animated Arthur knockoff, et cetera.

I think this dream was influenced by Mr. Rogers being in the news yesterday.

+Filamena Young made a joke else-net about UNO being "like Magic, but for the littler kids, it's the same thing, right?" It was obviously a joke meant to send us "serious gamers" into heart palpitations. But that immediately put me in mind of two card games with evocative fantasy art that are suitable for the 8-12 set, Dragonmaster and Three Dragon Ante.

And now as I go to sleep, I'm going to be imagining ideas for how to make "Magic, but for kids." Magic, as in there's this great evocative fantasy stew boiling over on every card and card interaction. For kids, meaning game play that a parent can play with all their kids. For six year olds, simple enough to teach in a few minutes, and fast enough to complete that the 6-year-old will say "Can we play again?" instead of "Is it over yet?" when the game's done. Yet, for twelve year olds, the game has to have enough clever play options to keep the 12-year-old feeling like they have agency, and enough give-and-take in the game's flow, even given the short playtime, that the 12-year-old never feels like the game is 'ganging up on them' or determined by whomever rolls highest/draws the best hand to start.

Evocative, fast, intricate. Hah. It'd be a tall order.

The cat is meowing.

Her meows are a lie.

Dream log: Started a restraunt, "Chock Fulla Borscht." No prize for guessing what it sold.

Most of the dream was an elaborate soup-warming invention: after cooking the 'old fashioned way', the soup itself would be stirred up and ladled into thick plastic sleeves, and placed in a walk-in refridgerator. To heat one up, a sleeve would be removed from the refridgerator, placed in a hot water bath, and a long spiral stirring rod lowered into the bag. The long length compared to the width would ensure a lot more heating area, the relatively cool temperature of the hot water bath would ensure less scalding, and the stirrer going constantly as it heated prevented scorcing spots. Once heated, you could hook up the plastic sleeve to a squeegee, pull the lever, and the entire tube would have all that hot steamy borscht squeezed out of it and onto the plate. Stir, garnish, serve.

You could say my dream was a Rube Goldborschtian apparatus.

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Dream log: Played a Pokemon-style MOBA, where you didn't choose a hero, you created a human, built a team of six 'mons, and fought with five other trainers against five other trainers to capture points along three lanes and six jungles.

It was nice to play a MOBA that was tactically complex, but also light-hearted and G-rated.
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