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Codex Volume One Kickstarter Launches October 2nd!

I am very excited to announce The Gauntlet will be launching its first Kickstarter campaign on October 2nd! The campaign will be to fund a hardcover collection of the first thirteen issues of the Codex RPG zine!

There are three things you need to know right now:

1) To celebrate the pending launch of the campaign, we are doing daily Twitter drawings to win the entire Volume One PDF Collection (!!!). We'll be doing a drawing every night starting tonight until the campaign launches. To be entered into each drawing, simply follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG

2) We have put together a special blog post highlighting each issue contained in Codex Volume One. Go there to check out all the different things that will be included in this hardcover and to get a glimpse at the history and development of the zine:

3) When the campaign launches, there will be a limited number of books available for a deep discount. These discounted books will not include the PDF Collection (for long-time Patrons who already have the PDFs or for folks who simply don't need them). To guarantee you get one of these discounted books, keep your eyes open for the launch of the campaign!

We're super-excited to be able to bring this campaign to you. Codex is a stunning product that deserves to exist in a physical form. This has been a long time coming–many, many hours of hard work–but it's almost here and it feels great!

Once again, the campaign launches October 2nd!

Please re-share!
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The next episode of Monsterhearts: Memories of Mercy Falls is in the Pocket-Sized Play feed. I really can't overstate how awesome this series is. I would put this series up against literally any actual play out there. It's that good. If you want to see what fantastic, collaborative play looks like; if you want to see what amazing Monsterhearts play looks like; if you want to get a good sense of how a very seasoned GM at the top of their game runs a table–Memories of Mercy Falls is for you.

Thanks to +Fraser Simons for the amazing editing on this series, and to the players: Fraser, +Lowell Francis +Phillip Wessels and +Kevthulhu
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Pack of Strays: Wolf Run

Codex - Asphalt is now available in our $4+ Patreon feed!

I'd like to talk a little bit about Pack of Strays: Wolf Run, one of two original games you can find inside Asphalt.

Pack of Strays: Wolf Run is by +Phillip Wessels and features original artwork by Jesse Ross. It is a card game inspired by Fall of Magic, and this issue of Codex comes with a full set of cards you can print out in order to play the game. You can see some of those below.

In the game, you are a pack of werewolves living on the margins of society. Dogman Radio has been making people aware of your existence, and now your pack is on the run–from hunters, from society–following the lead of the alpha, Darcy. Like Fall of Magic, you move from location to location and play out scenes according to a prompt you find at each location. Sometimes these have a quiet, reflective quality, and sometimes they are more action-oriented (you are playing werewolves, after all). Here are some examples of scene prompts (more on the cards in the images):

"Abandoned Cabin: Another werewolf came here once."

"Bayshore Crag: The werewolf who jumped."

"Beach Boardwalk: Waves crashing you out of your high."

"Skinny Dipping: Who joins you?"

"The Hot Springs: Helping Darcy relax."

"Overgrown Graveyard: The grave with the silver smell."

"Main Street: The increasing hate."

There are many more. In fact, the card set comes with three different city locations to play in (the default Twilight Bay plus Mercy Falls and Gauntlet City), plus The Moonlit Road, which connects them.

Switching topics, one of the major themes the game deals with is the fact that the werewolves are outsiders, and not just because they are werewolves. One of the first things you have to answer about your character is "What do you stray for?" The options presented inform what this game is really about. They are: poverty, substance abuse, awkwardness, queerness, ableness, or race/ethnicity. The idea here is that this is a group of people who take care of each other–a group of people who happen to be able to turn into werewolves. The themes of caring for the pack, camaraderie, and the complicated relationship with the alpha come through really sharply.

If all this sounds intriguing to you, I encourage you to check out Codex - Asphalt, which can be found in our $4+ Patreon feed until September 30th!
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My game Pack of Strays: Wolf Run, which is Fall of Magic-style play using a map made of cards, will be in Codex - Asphalt.
If you have been thinking about pledging to the Gauntlet Patreon, now is the time to do it! Pledge $4+ today and you get Codex - Storm (in the feed right now), Codex - Asphalt (in the feed September 1st) and early registration for Gauntlet Con 2018!

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My game Pack of Strays: Wolf Run will be in Codex - Asphalt! Please go support the Gauntlet on Patreon to get it!
If you have been thinking about supporting The Gauntlet on Patreon, NOW is the time to do it. One $4 pledge gets you two issues of Codex (Storm, out now, and Asphalt, out Sep 1) PLUS early registration for Gauntlet Con 2018!
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The newest episode of Memories of Mercy Falls is here! Episode 02 is called “Teenage Bullshit” and exemplifies the “reset” that has taken place in the Mercy Falls universe.

A reminder: if you’re enjoying this series, you can listen to the whole thing by making a $2 pledge to our Patreon:

Cc: +Fraser Simons +Lowell Francis +Phillip Wessels +Kevthulhu
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Monsterhearts: Memories of Mercy Falls

I am very pleased to announce that Mercy Falls is back!

Memories of Mercy Falls is a continuation of our popular Monsterhearts actual play series on Pocket-Sized Play. It is a direct sequel to Return to Mercy Falls, which came out last year.

This series is absolutely dynamite, probably one of my favorite I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. The roleplay is just jaw-droppingly good, and the story has all that Mercy Falls drama you know and love.

This first episode is particularly interesting, because it represents a "reset" on the story; for reasons that will be explained, everything is just kind of back to normal in Mercy Falls, and Memories is much more concerned with mundane high school bullshit than the other series. But trust: that good dark shit is still there, just under the surface.

Thanks to the fantastic players: +Fraser Simons +Lowell Francis +Phillip Wessels and +Kevthulhu. And extra thanks to Fraser for producing the show!

ALSO: We're releasing one episode per week in the PSP feed, but you can get the ENTIRE SERIES if you're a $2+ supporter of our Patreon:
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In the newest episode of The Gauntlet Podcast, I am joined by +Joshua Fox of Black Armada to discuss his new game, Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars. We also discuss a lot of RPG theory and other topics. It's a really wonderful, warm conversation. NPR AF, really (or Radio 4 AF, I suppose).

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The Gauntlet Blog is live!

Earlier this year, we met the Patreon goal that would allow us to launch a daily blog. During that time, we have been amassing posts and putting things into place, and the blog is now (finally) live!

In this the first post, I outline why we're doing the blog, what we hope to accomplish with it, and the sort of content you can look forward to.

Check it out!
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