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Ivan Soto
Web Developer and Android Developer.
Web Developer and Android Developer.

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Project Managers' Logic.

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What it's like working on live production servers.
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How many rules do you break?
Today on Android Design in Action, +Nick Butcher, +Adam Koch and I ran through our top ten list of UX anti-patterns (recurring user experience issues) that we've observed while reviewing apps over the past few years. Below is a quick summary of our list:

10) "Thou must load this… or else!" (modal loading dialogs)
9) "Can't touch this!" (small touch targets or no touch feedback)
8) Design ≠ Photoshop (heavy chrome, inconsistent styling, inattention to detail)
7) Living in the past (legacy menu button, targetSdkVersion, Gingerbread-era elements)
6) Pure Polluted Android (not adhering to Pure Android guidelines, mimicking other platforms)
5) "The navigation is my brand." (custom top bars, faux action bars, bad navigation drawers)
4) Custom non-Android sharing (not using ACTION_SEND)
3) Mimicking native w/ WebView (just be a web app on the web; we love web apps and so do users!)
2) Poor onboarding UX (unclear value proposition, requiring registration, using splash screens, not integrating with login providers)
1) Android ≠ Phones in portrait (responsive design, support tablets and phones in portrait and landscape)

As always, you can find the slides (with some minor fixes) attached to this post, and the full recording over on YouTube: Android Design in Action: Common UX Issues

#AndroidDesign #ADiA
Android Design in Action: Common UX Issues
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Our new front desk logo. 

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That is pretty awesome!
This can somewhat replace the "Download Now" links as it will be shared across all your devices.

It will be interesting to see how it develops.
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