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Hi Andras,

Thanks for your comments, sorry I missed your questions last year, but I figure better late than never!

Regarding the concept of combining JBS' into higher level work combinations (ala Standard Work):

Sometimes, a job doesn't get combined into others. For example, you might be changing a tire as a mechanic in a large industrial plant. It would be hardly worthwhile trying to figure out patterns in order to create Standard Work in the traditional work cell style methods.

In the cases where you are in need of work combinations in a low volume high mix environment. I would start with a timetable. A timetable will help you see the higher level patterns first. If there were such a thing as changing tires in a work cell, you might consider looking at the JBS' differently. Maybe one JBS would be how to use the jack, a second could be how to use the air wrench, a third could be how to remove lug nuts, a fourth how to tighten, a fifth how to lift wheels.

The five above could be applied to many different varieties of wheel changes. As things get more varied, you can add JBS' as needed.

Those JBS' could then be arranged into work combinations that make up your standard work.

The best answer here is: go try it! Let us know how it works out for you! Maybe at this point, you have already tried it, the TWI community would love to hear how it worked for your team.

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He is talking about education, but is easily translated to professional and trade work.

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Part III of the JBS vs. WI deathmatch!

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I have one question: WTF is Patch?

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