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peter long
Cattle die and kinsmen die, thyself eke soon wilt die."
Cattle die and kinsmen die, thyself eke soon wilt die."
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Crass -- Big A, Little A -- Lyrics Vid This song should be the anthem for a worldwide classless anti-establishmentarian group that should be engaging the ruling classes of all world nations because let's face it a class war keeps us from focusing on what's really important

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This will be used to oppress people exercising their right to air dissatisfaction at the outmoded pro #capitalist  policies of the #G8leaders  #EndCapitalism #g8notwelcome  

Today the G8 leaders are meeting in fermanagh this is unacceptable given the current climate of fear, repression, austerity and economic dictatorship people need to realize that accepting the business of people rich enough to stop war and world hunger but who profit from stockpiling food and killing unarmed civilians is similar to accepting blood money.

#g8notwelcome   #Anticapitalism

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Today there is a meeting of the worlds 8 most rich and powerful leaders these people have the power to end war and world hunger with the money at their disposal yet refuse to do so. There is only one sentence that could be used to describe these people and that is: Fucking bastards

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This picture speaks 1000 words about the situation in Turkey #OccupyTaksim

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My nephew looking cute as always 
June 4, 2013
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Hobo chronicles. 
Survival action adventure.
Modern day urban fantasy setting.
Conspiracy theory humour.
comedy adventure , the main character believes he is on quest to save the world but is taking directions from a worm in a tequila bottle. 
Mid teens-late twenties ,
People who are interested in mayan/apocalypse scenarios and would like to explore the lighter side of them and have an open sense of humour on the subject.


mayan apocalypse, conspiracy theorists.
To create a humorous adventure that people can laugh at and enjoy casually, all the while exploring various world ending apocalypse scenarios.

The story of hobo chronicles starts with a recovering alcoholic who becomes obsessed 
with apocalypse theories and relapses into drinking in fear of the world ending.The player drinks and passes out in an alleyway and awakens confused and drunk to a talking tequila worm named Friedrich, Friedrich begins to tell the player of a way to stop the apocalypse and save the world and guides him through his journey to find it. The player goes on the journey to save the world only to realise he was drunk and delusional. 

Comic hero.
Character Arc
Character starts off as a paranoid drunk and ends up as an adventuring courageous “hero”.
World Arc
The world goes from a post apocalyptic scene to in reality just being the delusions of a drunk mans mind.
Survival of the world , life or death.
A mans struggle against , Aliens,zombies,extinction, alcohol addiction, reality!

Just a little game I'm putting together feedback based on this would be appreciated 
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