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The B/W&C show with my two photographer friends, Kipp Baker and Leo Wesson, opens in less than 2 weeks, on October 22 at Gallery 414, at 414 Templeton in Fort Worth!
For more info, see the website.

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Today's Google Doodle just wished me a Happy Birthday.
I'm flattered but a little creeped out, Google.

Nothing like starting the weekend getting a call to do a server restart at 2:00 AM.

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Mark Greene is running to reclaim Jim Wright's old seat from Republican Kay Granger. Support this man!

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Google Domains? (

If I were GoDaddy I'd be afraid right now. Very, very afraid.

NetSol, I love you but I wouldn't be feeling a whole lot better.

Attempted to upgrade my Linux release tonight. It did not go well.

Spent the weekend setting up a test install of Openstack just to see how to do it. It was not a seamless process but it did work. Phase II: scrounge some old hardware and get physical (rather than virtual).
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