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David Foster
No genius without a touch of madness
No genius without a touch of madness

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This is just too beautiful to not share. A Khazakstani girl set up a way to get access to research papers, and set it up on the Dark Web, via Tor. 

Any ideas or input... I am thinking of getting out of teaching college math (well, mostly algebra) and getting into industry. Is there a best way to do this? Is there something that makes it easier or some routes that are better than others? 

Question for you guys. What are some good examples of video games that use quaternions? I am teaching students about imaginary numbers and they have a bad case of "we will never see or use this in real life". 

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FALLACY REF is the best collection of memed logical fallacies in the history of memed logical fallacy collections.

I did some quick Google sleuthing and could not find the original source, but [EDIT] I have been told it is the creation of Glen Welch, to whom my sincerest thanks. (His originals can be found on Facebook, but please, be kind and don't break the internet if you visit his page!)

Now go. Share. Fill the internet with logic awareness. Future generations will thank you.

H/t to +Jane Skau​ for bringing this wonderfulness to my attention!

#logicalfallacies   #meme  
Fallacy Ref
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I grew up with this kid. I remember he had gorgeous sisters. Now he posts in FB about life in China and teaching the Chinese martial arts. Apparently, the Chinese are surprised when an American knows martial arts better than them. 

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It depends how you spend it. Excellent article. 

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Ok, now I completely understand. 
Size comparison of Rosetta's comet that I understand!

Found on the +I fucking love science​​ Facebook page

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I suspect the problem isn't the shirt per se. It is that a nerd/scientist is wearing it. Maybe I should see if I could get one - I am sick of bullies. 
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