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Just got my Eclipse Sunshades in! They are mounted using 3M Adhesive, velcro, and store away conveniently. No awkward package mess in the back seat. 
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That's amazing! Conducting electricity without heat. 
But will it help me count cards or, more important jelly beans?
My UI can't handle all the magic one little container can fit.
Does that make me a jarhead?

Physicists Have Found a Metal That Conducts Electricity but Not Heat

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I'm really enjoying my experience with this phone, and for only $400 flat and free shipping, there are no regrets with this purchase.

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Save your battery on Pokémon Go! 
to all fellow Pokemon Go players: With the FKU we can improve our battery life! The following are for the 5X, but it should be adoptable to other phones with modified values:

I made a per-app profile, in which I set:
- the thermal throttle to 15° (big cluster is off with that, it is not needed for Pokemon Go)
- Little Cluster max freq: 960MHz, althoug lower values should also be just enough
- little Cluster boost: 864MHz
- GPU Max Freq to 367MHz (have not tried 300MHz yet)

And applied the profile to the Pokemon Go app. It loads a bit slower but still fast enough.

My battery life is significantly better, and now my small powerbank is able to charge the phone while playing, with default settings, the battery was getting down although it was connected. 

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The Hub

I wish there was a way for you to post a photo comment with your command station. Why is that not a thing on the plus?

I guess post yours and comment with the link. What other way is there?

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Infosys is the imaging company that we use when documents are received. I wonder if this will have an effect on us. 

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I think I'm in for a good read! I'm guarding this with my life, as this is a first edition! 

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Camping at Alta Lakes! 
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You are your own worst critic. 
Daily Haiku: 

Your real enemy
is the one looking back at
you in the mirror. 
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