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When children’s test results are tied to school funding and teacher pay levels, our schoolchildren are literally working for the school. Are we creating a white collar child workforce?

#edchat   #parenting   #playmatters   #testing   #statetesting  

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Amen !
Gloire à notre Seigneur Dieu d'Amour tout-puissant aujourd'hui et pour l'éternité ! Alléluia ! 💚
Bonne journée dans le Seigneur à mes frères et sœurs dans la foi ❤
Bonne journée aux autres aussi ☺

#DieuestAmour #Jésus #LaParoledeDieu #Jésus-Christ #LaSainteBible #Yahvé #Yeshua #Chrétiens #EnfantsdeDieu #LaBible #versetbiblique #fonddécran #animaux #oiseau #colombe #1024x768 

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Take a look at this video on YouTube:

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Can you spot them both? There are TWO animals in this drawing - and psychologists believe what you see says a lot about you

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All white on the night! Debutantes dazzle as they are introduced into society at the Vienna Opera Ball, while Brooke Shields attends as the date of Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner, 83

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11 things to know about Google Photos
1. One hundred million of you are using Google Photos
2. You’re all foodies… or at least you want people to think you are
3. Let the good times roll
4. Dogs rule
5. Dude, where’s my car?
6. Paris, nous t’aimons
7. You really aren’t sick of baby photos
8. The GIF that keeps on GIFing
9. You need some space
10. It’s Adventure Time
11. We’re so vain
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