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Taylor Smith
I like to read and meet people.
I like to read and meet people.

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Just chillin with +Alyssa Valdez +Madisen Wallace and +Bud Mendez 


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Oh +Google+ 

I still don't know how to use this.


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It turns out this is not a simple question. It's dark at night because of the Doppler effect -- what??!

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Online Reputation Management [Infographic]

Many believe that word-of-mouth is the ultimate form of referral, so the explosion of online review sites and social media where customers can voice their opinions online would seem like a virtual gift to businesses. While these websites can provide a wealth of positive recommendations, they also offer the possibility of negative reviews that can do quite a bit of damage to a company’s reputation. To help companies handle these less-than-flattering reviews, posted an intriguing infographic on online reputation management (ORM) by Consorte Marketing. It defines the details of ORM, along with steps for avoiding negative online reviews and guidance on managing a company’s online reputation. It also highlights advantages and approaches for improving customer service, with an enlightening example of how ORM can reduce the incidence and impact of online negativity. Take a look at the following infographic to discover how to take control of your company’s online reputation.

Hey everyone what's... Oh... sorry I thought this was facebook.

I wish I had more of a reason to get on this thing... 
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