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There is no single word in the Budapest Memorandum about reforms or a fight against corruption, and neither about implementation of constitutional amendments dictated by the aggressor, in order for the assurers to give the support for restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity.

The countries that, together with Russia, squeezed Ukraine's nuclear weapons out, demanding now some reforms and amendments in exchange for partial support, do behave like crooks, or, more precisely, like unscrupulous lying rabble.

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By Fritz Ehrlich.

 Imagine terrorists wouldn't just attack one city, but hundreds.
 Imagine not dozens of terrorists would come, but thousands.
 Imagine they would have not only Kalashnikovs, but tanks and missiles.
 Imagine they would block our ports with their warships.
 Imagine they would shoot at us out of crowded schools, kindergartens and hospitals.
 Imagine they would claim, our nation doesn't exist and our land belongs to them.
 And imagine the world believe that.
 Imagine these terrorists have the right of veto in UN.
 Then you'll understand, how much the Ukrainians suffer..

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...Almost 80 years after Munich the situation is repeating itself.  In 1994, Ukraine gave up its arsenal of nuclear weapons and, with the signing of the Budapest Memorandum, the United States of America and Great Britain became the guarantors of its territorial integrity and independence.  The insufficient military support from the USA and UK to an embattled Ukraine is a sad reminder of the failure of western democracies to defend Europe against Hitler and casts a shadow of doubt on the credibility of other international guarantees and agreements, including the security guarantees, which membership in NATO theoretically provides to the countries of Europe.

We understand the efforts of European leaders to strive for a peaceful solution via negotiations in the tradition of the values of European humanism and post-war development in Europe.  It troubles us, however, that these efforts are misused in service of a continuation and prolongation of aggression.  It was time to provide effective and extensive military and economic help to embattled Ukraine long ago: embattled because its citizens decided to strive for freedom, human dignity and membership in the European Union.

The citizens of Ukraine are endowed with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as a democratically elected political future.

No one has the right to hinder them in their efforts to achieve this.  The Russian war against Ukraine is an attempt to stop the spread of freedom and human rights with tanks, cannons and rocket launchers.

As a warning, let us remind parties on both sides of the Atlantic of the words spoken by the British leader Winston Churchill about the behavior of democratic powers in the year 1938: “Britain and France had to choose between war and dishonor. They chose dishonor.  They will have war.”

We already have war in Europe. Donations of bandages and blankets to the ravaged people of Ukraine and continual concessions to a ruthless and cynical aggressor will not stop it.

Whether or not the democratic world leaves Ukraine to bleed to death and enables the aggressor to expand further rests in your hands – but history will be your judge.

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