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I received a district census document from the Republican Party. The wording in the questions are biased and unbalanced. My statistics professor would have given these folks a failing grade.

If the first line in your political party junk mail is vitriol about the other candidate - your junk mail immediately ends up in the recycle bin. That is as far as I will read.

I've heard that shark fin soup ages your skin.

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Just don't do it. Everyone hates to see some asshat's name on a beautiful landscape. If you have to write on something write on your car.

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Looks like consumers are tired of waiting. Several of my friends have pushed the button. To quote one of them:

"I've done crazier things with $1,000. Production doesn't start until late 2017, so I have time to save funds. This is the deal. The pv/solar system on the roof got paid off last fall. Yes!!! I absolutely love my Toyota Highlander so much, but am done waiting for Toyota to get it together. Like Hello?
I want solar/electric technology, I believe in it, and I'm voting for it with my pocketbook! Tesla has an awesome dream, and I'm on-board!

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This young woman gives me hope for the next generation! Well said!

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Learned how to keep my cilantro fresh longer.

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Happy Birthday Alice Paul and thank you for fighting for our right to vote.

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Knowingly endangering firefighters is wrong in every way.
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