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Im an anime addicted ninja
Im an anime addicted ninja

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Is anyone else having some issues with psn today? I'm trying to figure out if the problem is on my end or Sony's end.

So im going to start gathering the parts to build myself a good gaming rig but dont really know much about a lot of the parts. Is there a good website to go to where i can learn more about the process, what to watch for, and all that stuff?

Now that ive finally got myself a job again after months of searching im thinking im going to start saving for a gaming computer. Been seeing more pc exclusive games that id like to check out and would rather i be able to play them at their best than at the low quality i can achieve right now.

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Damn you iPhone 6, making my Motorola RAZR V3 jealous now... :-/

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So my wife is wanting me to make a Christmas list for her to know what i want and though i would put some graphic novels on it. What are some good Marvel or DC graphic novels to include?

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So apparently Bandai Namco has stated that they will consider localizing the cyber sleuth game if the petition reaches 50,000. As a huge Digimon fan over the years i of course couldnt just not sign it and figured id post it on here for anyone else interested.

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Links face at the last panel is priceless!

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Unwanted roommate? Too bad


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