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Sitting at home in Cavan watching TV and a wild Google Maps appears 

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tl;dr: Facebook moved to FlatBuffers in its Android app.The results:
* Reducing story load time from disk cache from 35ms to 4ms (per story)
* Transient memory allocations are reduced by 75 percent,
* Cold start time is improved by 10-15 percent.
* Storage size reduced by 15 percent.

cc +Colt McAnlis 

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Improved beta testing for developers on Google Play

Beta testing, a critical part of any developer's workflow, is now getting even better. Learn about the new open beta process that lets you sign users up with one click, as well as new tools for managing closed betas in the developer console without the need for a Google+ Community or Google Group. #androidDev

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Introducing SQLScout: a plugin for Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA that provides support for SQLite, including:

✓ Ability to connect to SQLite databases in Android devices or the file system
✓ Database schema explorer
✓ SQL editor (syntax highlighting, code completion, reference navigation, refactoring, etc.)
✓ Data console to view query results, edit table data, and export contents to different formats
✓ Database diagrams!

For more details (including demos and beta access) please visit

#AndroidStudio   #sqlite   #androiddev  

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Pssst, we've released a new Design support library. More info coming soon.

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If you have a newish Android phone or tablet you can watch Tomorrowland in 360 degree glory, really nice experience, I haven't tried it with Cardboard yet....

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New version of the Android Testing Support Library[0]

The release includes two major additions:
Espresso-Intents[1]: a Mockito-like API that enables hermetic inter-activity testing by allowing test authors to verify and stub outgoing intents.
Test Rules[2]: a set of Junit4 rules that replace ancient framework APIs like ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 and ServiceTestCase.

All samples have been updated and a set of Espresso-Intents samples[3] has been added to help you get started.

Of course, we have also squashed some reported bugs and addressed minor feature requests from android-test-kit[4]. See release notes[5] and javadoc[6] for details.

Happy testing from the ATSL team +Valera Zakharov +Nick Korostelev +Jose Alcérreca and +Stephan Linzner 

#AndroidDev #AndroidTesting


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