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Unboxing of Mari 3.0 in a production environment...

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Mari 3.0 - Unboxing
I am a texture artist. I work in film. That means for 80% of my work Mari is my home. Despite being very well aware that Mari is a commercial product developed and sold for financial gain by The Foundry , I still have very strong and warm feelings for Mari....

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Lessons in Life: Affirmations
Can you write and determine the script of your life? Can you choose what kind of person you will be? I want to talk about mental programming. A computer can be programmed to do what you want it to do; Simple instructions, which a machine will carry out to t...

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Thrilled, proud and humbled to be picked for this!
Movie texture artist Marque Pierre Sondergaard of VFX studio, LipSync reviews the Cintiq 27QHD Touch at @DigitalartsonlineCoUk

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Marque Pierre Sondergaard commented on a post on Blogger.
Sorry MattN Kelley, I should have explicitly pointed out that this is not a Photoshop tutorial but a Mari tutorial. Photoshop has been used for texturing in the past, which is why I draw comparisons between Photoshop and Mari in the tutorial.

If you have never had any experience with Mari whatsoever, then I fear this tutorial will make little sense to you. Digital Tutors ( and others have excellent tutorials for your first time in Mari (although they come at a price), also The Foundry - the makers of Mari, have free videos getting you started in Mari:

Good luck! 

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Maya shortcut for trouble shooting geometry.

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Production Proven Shortcuts: Display Borders in Maya
Ever been handed an asset looking something like this? The Gouraud shading obviously gives away, that there is something not quite right with the mesh. We got a funny border running along some of the faces on the sphere. Outliner shows us that the sphere is...

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Blog post about my special "VFX/3D learnings journal."

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Notes from the Underground
"Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself."   - Pat Conroy I am told Beethoven filled scores of journals during his life. Apparently they ended in a room somewhere, never to be looked at again. But Beethoven believed that even if his ...
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