Ten second portrait, Yokosuka

I spent the day in Yokosuka yesterday, searching for locations for a forthcoming model shoot and workshop. Great day out and found some great places with the help of my buddy Ron Inman who has spent years living there, whilst in and after leaving the US Navy.

This lady was loitering around outside the station entrance about the time I was getting ready to head home to Tokyo. Ron got a couple of candids of her but I wanted a portrait. Went over to ask and she was happy to have her shot taken. Didn't want her doing the 'peace' symbol but I only got one chance to shoot... as some fella came over and told her 'no pictures'. I don't want to jump to conclusions about her/him but he wasn't her boyfriend and he looked like he was loitering around the station area to drum-up trade....

Still, like how it came out. Not bad for a ten second portrait under awful, mixed bath of fluorescent and sodium lights.

What gear?

Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai @ f/1.2
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